October 23, 2013 | Volume 100 / Number 42

Hunter Numbers Down

Figures compiled from the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Region 6 game check station outside Havre for the weekends of Oct. 12-13 and Oct. 19-20 show reduced hunter numbers overall, but increased harvest of some upland birds and waterfowl.

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Krista Nichols / For The Courier
Cordelia Nickels of Nashua bagged a nice muley buck during the two-day youth hunt last week. Other current or upcoming hunting seasons include General Antelope, Oct. 12-Nov. 10; Pheasant, Oct. 12–Jan. 1; General Deer & Elk, Oct. 26-Dec. 1; and Mountain Lion-Fall, Oct. 26-Dec. 1.

“Over the first two weekends of the season, harvest for most species has been down,” said Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Havre-area Wildlife Biologist Scott Hemmer. “Antelope numbers and licenses have remained low since the winter of 2010-11, and this fact is reflected in the check station harvest being down 92 percent from the long-term average. M...

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