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By Gwen Cornwell
Remember When 

Shopping Around


Valley County Historical Society / For The Courier

The City Market in Glasgow. Gwen Cornwell remembers it. Do you?

Remember all of the small grocery stores that used to be?

In Glasgow you may remember The Green Front, located close to where Albertson’s is now, or White’s, which was close to the Catholic Church.

And I believe there was a grocery on Third Avenue North. Anyone remember or know the name of it?

There was Hanel’s somewhere close to the present day DQ and Gordon’s, which was located in the present Dale Plumbing building.

The south side had Blankenberg’s, across from the courthouse, and the Rice, later Rogers,food store across from the present Oasis.

Then there was Park’s grocery, Stebleton’s, Scott’s, City Market and Christianson’s grocery all located on the south side of the tracks, as well as the Buttery’s grocery across from the Campbell Lodge.

If you have the names or knowledge of other grocers in Glasgow, please feel free to share.

Each small town in the area had one or two local grocery shops also. I do remember some of them, and if anyone has special memories of one of them, let me know if you would like to share them.

Remember trading eggs for groceries and the string cone that hung above the counter for tying the egg cartons? The bananas that came into the store on a stalk? The meat counter and butcher? And who can forget the 5 cent candy bar and penny candy and bubble gum?

Gwen welcomes your memories at 367-5582.

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