By Monica Lindeen
Montana State Auditor 

Lindeen: Obamacare Website A Mess


Montana Insurance Commissioner Monica J. Lindeen released the following statement Tuesday:

“I’m glad the president acknowledged what everyone in Montana already knows: The federally built health insurance Marketplace website isn’t working. This is unacceptable.

“In 2011, I argued that Montana should make its own Marketplace website. As Montana’s insurance commissioner, I knew just how important this site would be to the smooth operation of our insurance markets. But politics prevailed – and now Montanans who need quality, affordable health insurance are stuck waiting on a website that is beyond our control.

“I appreciate the president’s words, but as Montana’s insurance commissioner, I want to know what is wrong with the website, how they’re going to fix it – and when.”

 Montana is one of 27 states which opted out of creating its own website to sell insurance policies and disburse federal tax credits to bring down the cost of health insurance.


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