October 23, 2013 | Volume 100 / Number 42

Repair Work Carries On At Fort Peck Dam

More than 100 repair projects have been identified at the Missouri River mainstem projects (dams and bank stabilization and navigation project) and associated infrastructure.

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U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers / For The Courier
A repair crew inspects retaining walls at the spillway of Fort Peck Dam. The structure was stressed by the record releases of water during the flood of 2011.

Projects include repairing spillway gates, outlet works, scour areas, work recreational facilities, roads and other flood control structures that were damaged during the Missouri River Flood of 2011. The estimated cost of making these repairs totals $234 million.

Six contracts were awarded in 2012 to repair damages at Fort Peck Dam. They include repair of gates, the spillway slab, plunge pool, recreation area roads a...

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