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By Virgil Vaupel
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Lay Blame Where It Belongs For Debt


If your roof leaks, you blame the builder. If your car has a defect, you blame the manufacturer. If your horse bucks you, off you blame the saddle maker. If the dam develops a leak, you plug it. You don’t make the hole bigger.

These thoughts and a lot more like them are running rampant through this 70-year-old brain. (Although I was told just this morning that I must have had my “wisdom” teeth pulled”).

This government shutdown has me in a dither trying to figure what diabolical scheme the government has in mind to implement whilst our thinking is focused on whether or not we seniors are going to get our Social Security money next month. Or if our retired military folks will get their pension checks. (Remember the 428 days of non-stop O.J. news while the World Trade Agreement was being shoved down our throats?)

One of my concerns is the shutting down of the national parks and writing citations to those who decided to go visit them anyway. After all, they’re our parks aren’t they? While they are not in our physical backyard and not on the deed to our homes and property, we pay for them.

The civilian folks who live and work in these parks – mostly retired couples and college students – work for barely minimum wage and get no benefits. They do receive some housing and meals.

But the government is kicking them out of their jobs and living quarters, and they can do this because the park is on federal land.

Now stay with me here. My thought is this. The White House in Washington, D.C., is on federal land. There are federal people drawing federal money living and working in that federal place.

Why haven’t they been evicted?

Here’s my point: $16,900,900,900,900.90 (plus or minus a few bucks and I used the zeroes to stress the point). Our national debt.

Who put us in this predicament?

I saw a report of the countries to whom we owe money. China and Japan hold well over a third of that debt. Yikes.

Of the countries we allegedly owe money to almost all of them owe their very existence to the generosity and lack of foresight of our elected officials on Capitol Hill, past and present.

My next thought was why are these elected officials still working and drawing wages and keeping all their staffers and their offices and their perks? Why are they not being penalized for their mistakes? Why are We The People being made to suffer the economical costs and and the embarrassment of impending default/bankruptcy?

Why are the countries of the world that owe us money (135 or so) not being made to repay their debts to us?

Our congress has given away trillions of dollars of taxpayers’ money over the past century to countries around the globe without receiving a farthing in repayment. If I had a banker like that I could buy a second-hand pickup that actually runs.

We The People have to shoulder the blame because of the ones we have elected to office and of our complacency and unwillingness to either get involved or to ask questions of those in office.

How many of you would favor sending hundreds of billions of dollars overseas never to return? That very thing is happening daily and none of us even know about it or have been offered a vote on giving the money away. Could any of you give away 20% of your yearly wages without any return of goods or services?

Seems the U.S. government can.

That’s it for now folks. Thanks for listening.

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