By Gwen Cornwell
Remember When 

Grasshopper Zingers


Remember when all vehicles had crank up windows, no air conditioning and no seat belts? I am surprised there are so many of us who survived to remember those days.

Actually, a Courier reader was remembering those days and commented on the days of riding in the back, or box, of the pickup during the summer months and enduring the constant hits from grasshoppers. These could be most irritating as they sometimes actually hurt.

Or you could make of game of it and see who got the most tags, or hits, from point A to point B. I remember that you didn’t have to be riding in the back of a pickup to get the thrill. Those grasshoppers would actually fly in the open window and zing you.

Of course you had to have the windows open just for air circulation – remember, no air conditioning!

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