October 2, 2013 | Volume 100 / Number 40

Talkin' Football

Thanks to all of you readers, I once again have several topics rattling around in my head.

Shipwreck Malta, Too!

Since it is football season I happened to recall a photo of the GHS football team taken in the late '20s. How many remember the uniforms worn by our athletes at that time? The helmets resembled headgear worn by airplane pilots during WWII. I can’t imagine they afforded much protection to the head.

Shoulder pads, etc., appeared to be pretty scrimpy too. Does anyone recall the amount of injuries that were suffered in those days? Since I grew up in Small Town USA, which was only large enough to have an 8 man football team for several years, I am not too familiar with the sport, but I wonder if the football was “pigskin” in those days, or if it was even the same size as it is now.

Since many of the young men of the area were farm boys, I thought about practice and actual play times.

Were these times worked around the fact that many of the players were rural, or had a need to work part time? I am sure that there are some readers out there that have memories to share.

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