September 25, 2013 | Volume 100 / Number 39

Wildfire Heads To Brockton Undefeated In Conference After Lustre Triangle

The Hinsdale/Saco Wildfire traveled to Lustre last Saturday for a triangle volleyball match, first against Lustre Christian and lastly against Culbertson.

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Wildfire head coach Kathy Siroky had her girls tuned up and in fine form this morning as they faced off against the Lustre Lady Lions in the Lustre gymnasium.

The Wildfire stormed through the first game 25 to 7 with most of the starters playing the entire game. Libero Payton Anna Chopper came in to serve and handed the Lions a couple of aces in this first game as Lustre mostly went one and out. Courtney Capdeville hit on 6 straight serv...

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