By Gwen Cornwell
Remember When 

Old Lard Tins & Recycling


Remember when everyone recycled without giving it a thought?

Housewives recycled so many things, with those neat “Old Tins” being primary. How many homes had a set of coffee can canisters for flour, sugar, etc.? And those rural women found so many more uses for them.

Tin cans kept the mouse out of necessities like flour and sugar. Of course old lard tins were really great for that purpose, as most flour and sugar was purchased in at least 50 pound quantities.

If you ever opened one of those old unused lard cans you could tell by the smell what had been in there! The smell of rancid lard is not one to forget.

There were tins for crackers, cookies, and so many other things. Then if you were to visit the shop or barn area, you found many 1 pound coffee cans holding the nuts and bolts. No fancy bins for these, as those good old coffee cans could be used for so many purpose.

It is a little harder to recycle now – of course you do get to take a little outing to the recycle center, which is good for the social life. So keep recycling!

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