By Virgil Vaupel
Courier Correspondent 

Hinsdale/Saco Wildfire Collars Bulldogs


After having fought the last five miles or so of road destruction coming into Culbertson, the Hinsdale/Saco (H/S) contingent finally reached the home of the Bainville Bulldogs and got settled in for an afternoon/evening of very fine and entertaining volleyball.

There were junior high, JV and varsity matches, so go grab a root beer from the fridge, turn up the volume and settle back to enjoy some v-ball.

Watching the junior high girls, I was very pleased to see that the volleyball program will be solid for yet another six years or so. There is some tall girls with Mickayla Johnson, Jada Sudbrack, Lauren Kolstad, and Casity Boucher. Rounding out the team is Sarah Boucher, Bailey Funk, Chalisse Young, Chaykota Christensen, Halle Beil, Isabel Montoya, and Elise Strommen. Their head coach is April Wills.

They lost the first two games 28-26, 25-19 and won the last two short games 10 - 15 and 12-15.

The Wildfire JV got doused by the Bulldogs 25-20, 25-21 and 15-10 but went down fighting hard for every pernt. Their biggest problem today was getting their serves across. Head Volleyball Coach Kathy Siroky told me that she and her assistant April Wills are going to give some serious attention to that little detail this coming week in practice. For JV as well as the Varsity.

On court for the Wildfire JV are Delaney Beil, Payton Chopper, Madison Taylor, Alana Ostrom, Charlotte Jolley, Jade Jones and DeVon Palmer.

The Varsity match went exactly or so, just like this:

The H/S Wildfire held on to a lead and won the first game 22-25, but the Bainville Bulldogs fought hard and took the second game, 25 to 21.

The third game was decided in the favor of the Wildfire when freshman Payton Chopper rattled off six consecutive serves to close out the Bulldogs, 12-25.

Chopper started off the fourth game by hitting on eight straight services giving the Wildfire a 2-8 early lead.

Then Hannah Whitaker served up four straight which added to the Wildfire lead 8-17. But hold on right there folks. The Bulldogs bit through their leashes and came storming back to take a slim lead 23-21 and that’s where things got real exciting

With volleys that crossed the net a dozen times, remarkable digs and saves and some thundering kill shots, the collective crowds were squirming in their seats and yelling for their team...first for the Wildfire, then for the Bulldogs....Wildfire....Bulldogs until...

With the score tied 24-24, Bainville smashed a shot right at Chadaya who calmly dug it up from shoe top level and passed it to Hannah who set it up perfectly for a kill shot from Whitney, but Bainville dug, passed and hit it back over to H/S where Shyla made a great dig and save passing one-armed to Hannah who again set Whitney with a perfecto and Whit nailed it to the back corner where there weren’t nobody to whack it back. 24-25.

Bainville tied up the score again at 25 all.

Bethany blocked a shot, Bainville put it back toward Courtney who tipped it over the net for a PNK (Point not a Kill) and B’ville tied up the score at 26 apiece each. Again.

Hannah dropped in a dying duck serve for an ace that put H/S up one, 26 to 27. On Hannah’s next serve, Bainville returned the ball toward Bethany who passed to Shyla who set up a kill shot for Whitney who absolutely ripped the cover off to deep center for a KWA, and the Wildfire won 26-28.

Molina led all players with 13 kills. She added four digs, two saves, and five PNK’s. She was followed by Lacock with six kills, three digs, and six blocked shots. Christensen tallied five kills, two digs, an ace, and a couple PNK’s. Capdeville added a kill, four assists, two aces, two blocks, and four PNK’s. Shyla had seven assists, two digs, three really nice saves (this kid is mucho quicko), and one PNK.

Whitaker led the team with 10 assists. She added two aces to her resume. Beil had two assists, a dig and a save while Payton Chopper added two digs, and three aces.

Team-wise there were 25 kills, 24 assists, 15 digs, eight aces, six saves, and 13 PNK’s.

Hinsdale/Saco committed 18 service errors while Bainville had 16.

Next up for the Wildfire is Harlem at Harlem this Thursday. The schedule was thrown into turmoil when Frazer decided to drop volleyball for the season and when someone in Circle decided they were maybe a little ‘askeered’ of the Wildfire and said sorry...our tournament is full. So sorry!!

That’s it for now folks. Thanks for listening


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