By Samar Fay
Courier Editor 

City Adopts Preliminary Budget


The Glasgow City Council at its regular meeting on Tuesday held public hearings and passed resolutions levying assessments for street lights and garbage collection.

They also had a public hearing and adopted a preliminary budget for fiscal year 2013-2014. Last Friday the Council decided to bill 320 mills. Taxes will go up, Mayor Dan Carney said, but they haven’t raised for a long time.

For Glasgow Lighting Districts No. 1 through 29, the total assessment is $189,244.44. The amount levied against each lot or parcel is according to the square footage. The assessment for collection and disposal of garbage is $327,825, a little higher than last year. The current monthly charge of $17,982.20 will go up to $18,162.50.

The only public comment was about street lights. Kelly Fuhrman said he counted 28 street lights on during the day on the south side. He calls NWE and tries to have them fixed. Even though the city pays a flat fee, Fuhrman said the fee goes up over time if the usage goes up. Carney said it’s a perpetual problem. He hates paying for burned out lights that aren’t even on at night.

Fire Chief Brandon Brunelle described a used ladder fire truck he has found in Alabama to replace the 1980 truck with a 100-foot ladder that broke. The city has a 1988 Pierce with a 50-foot ladder, obtained through the 1033 government surplus program, but it has broken down every time it has been used. Its book value is $15,000 to $20,000 and they have put $5,000 into it already.

Brunelle found a 2007 Pierce truck with a 105-foot ladder that pumps water from the top at 2,000 gallons per minute. The cost is $370,000, less than half of the price of a new truck.

The Council discussed how to pay for it. Brunelle said that with the $85,000 in the replacement fund, fundraisers and grants, it can be done without increasing the cost to taxpayers. Without a ladder truck, the city’s ISO insurance rating would be close to going down from 5 to 6, which would increase each homeowner’s insurance.

The Council must check with the city attorney to see if they can buy a truck outright or must bid it. They must also check on a low-cost loan. If these two steps are cleared, the Council can decide to take $37,000 from city funds for a down payment.

The Council discussed whether to allow Long Run Fire Department to build a new building on city property on Laser Drive. According to Councilman Dan Carr, the Valley County Commissioners would rather have it at the airport rather than rent or buy city property. Carney said the city doesn’t want to consider selling the land. Some Council members will accompany Long Run representatives to a meeting scheduled with the commissioners on Sept. 17.

Director of Public Works Bob Kompel said Century Paving has pushed Glasgow to the end of its season. They expect to work for two weeks in October, fixing four spots.

Charles Plant was appointed to a three-year term on the Board of Adjustments. This board handles zoning variances and grievances with the city under building codes.

Rene Clampitt, the Valley County planner, was appointed as the county representative to the City Planning Board.

Kompel was preauthorized to rebid the fire hall roof in January.

After consideration by a committee, a bid lower than the minimum asking price for city property on U.S. 2 was rejected. The minimum was published as $25,000 and the bid was $16,000. The Council may look at the situation and rebid it lower in the future.


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