August 21, 2013 | Volume 100 / Number 341

Migrating Antelope Get Some Help

Fence Ålong Highway 2, A Barrier For Pronghorn And Other Wildlife, Taken Down Near Nashua

A dangerous chokepoint that migrating antelope encountered each year just west of Nashua now has one less hazard the animals will have to contend with.

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FWP / For The Courier
Merlin McKean of Glasgow and others remove wire from an old fence in the Nashua area that was hindering migrating antelope.

Old woven-wire and barbed wire fencing strung for about a mile along U.S. Highway 2 has long served as a potential barrier for pronghorn and other wildlife trying to cross the busy road and get over an adjacent set of Burlington Northern-Santa Fe train tracks.

In fact, ground on both sides of the old fence – which was removed by a Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Region 6 crew and others on Aug.11 and 12 – is littered with skulls and skel...

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