By Samar Fay
Courier Editor 

Hunters Sound Off In Glasgow


A half-dozen experienced hunters attended the hunter scoping session in Glasgow on Aug. 13 to give their comments on the proposed hunting seasons for 2014-2015.

Comments will go to the Fish, Wildlife and Parks commission meeting on Oct. 10. FWP will present its proposal on Dec. 12, hold more public meetings and issue the final rule in February.

Hunters and FWP wildlife managers discussed the slow recovery of deer and antelope from the devastating winter of 2011 and the EHD that came along that summer. They agreed that eagles and coyotes are preying heavily on fawns.

Steve Schindler proposed selling tags for specific districts within a region where there are more deer, for instance in Plentywood, instead of having the out-of-staters wander around the empty Milk River, which is all they know. Warden Todd Anderson responded that it is a nightmare from the enforcement standpoint.

There was approval for the Missouri Breaks archery elk tag system. A suggestion for a unlimited moose season in Region 6 was not encouraged. They are Canadian moose and people like to see them occasionally but they don’t stay here.


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