By Virgil Vaupel
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Gender Confused Restrooms


There’s some very alarming news coming out of the Socialist Republic of Confuseifornia these days … Well, I mean more confusing and alarming than usual.

You more“riper”folks (like me) can remember Jerry Brown, governor of California from 1975-83, cavorting with Linda Ronstadt (who some might recall as a barefoot, folk song singing hippie) around the governor’s mansion, causing some concern amongst the more conservative of California citizenry.

Seems this “disgraceful”conduct caused him to become the ex-governor of California at the next election.

According to my source he’s done it again. Maybe.

The left coast state has become even more left leaning since the ‘70s and has enacted some really crazy laws and regulations, but methinks this new one is off the charts.

Here’s the deal. I was once a 13-year-old boy. True story, friends. I know 13-year-old mentality. I dreamed of gaining access to the girls locker room and hiding in the corner.

I suppose it was the same with 13-year-old girls being a“fly on the wall” in the boys locker room. (That’s something I’ll have to ask my ex-hippie, ‘60s flower child sister.)

Well now, re-elected Governor Brown has made it all possible for young men to infiltrate the girls locker rooms and the girls can go into the boys locker rooms and other, usually “men” facilities.

True story, folks. Now, under Assembly Bill 1266, children K through 12 are being afforded a host of new rights including the right to use either restroom or locker facilities after declaring what gender they want to be that particular day.

So what happens when a boy who has been a boy for at least six months of the school year comes to the principal and says,“I have been confused about my gender and today I really feel I’m a girl in a boy’s body and I want to use the girls restroom and locker room.”

Or a young lady wanting to play varsity football with the boys and tells the coach, “I’m having a gender crisis and feel that during the football season I think I’ll be a boy and dress out with the other boys in the boys locker room. Yikes. It’s a win-win for the boys!!!

State Assemblyman Thomas Ammiano, a Democrat (surprise, surprise) authored the bill, which states that children K through 12 will be allowed to use “facilities consistent with his or her gender identity regardless of the gender listed in the student’s school records.” Double Yikes on that one.

I already have problems with young girls wanting to play sports on men’s teams, especially football, but in America everything is possible. We are in a society where young women want to box and cage fight and young men want to play slo-pitch softball and have “men only” baby showers.

Seems gender lines have already been broached, but this California thing is opening up a brand new can of kippered snack. Unfortunately for a lot of our Western states we all have Californians moving into our states in droves trying to escape the“Golden State” insanity, but all they are doing is bringing the insanity with them and trying to infuse it into our erstwhile culture.

Most of my 10.5 readers know to take most of what I write with a grain of salt: that ofttimes I blow smoke up the pipe, but I tell you right now … I’m not quite ready to re-fit all schools and other public buildings with “Gender Confused” restrooms sandwiched between the “Men”and“Women”facilities. Are you?

A lot of this gender permissiveness is fueled by those insipid TV programs that not only condone gender confusion but promote it.

Hollywood and television need to take a look at the ratings to see that the No. 1 rated show on TV today is a little, backwoods hillbilly thing called “Duck Dynasty.” These guys are “real men” who go out and kill things and talk funny, but there’s hardly any cussing, never the “F-Bomb,” and the women aren’t fashionistas. They all seem truly satisfied with their appointed gender.

Take warning right now, friends. Don’t try to emulate anything that comes out the state of California. Just because someone“makes it big”and gets to be a TV or movie star, it doesn’t mean they are smarter than you or me. It doesn’t make them immune from any societal restraints. Their stardom only allows them to behave in an outrageous manner that impressionable youngsters seem to gravitate toward.

Be happy with the gender you were born with. Being able to change genders, surgically, doesn’t make it right.

Just say no to“Gender Confused” restrooms.

That’s it for now folks. Thanks for listening.


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