August 14, 2013 | Volume 100 / Number 33

Shawn Wersal Dominates Demolition Derby

Shawn Wersal of Glasgow drove his competition into the ground to win the 2013 Northeast Montana Fair Demolition Derby at the Glasgow Fair Grounds on Tuesday, Aug. 6.

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Britten Fay / For The Courier
Demolition Derby winner Shawn Wersal, left, and second-place finisher Fred “Derf” Potter hoist their trophies after the bruising competition.

Engines roared, metal crunched and mud flew as winners advanced from three heats and a consolation round to the final, leaving behind those who raised white flags of defeat as their cars were beaten into submission or pushed out of the ring.

“It was one of the fastest, hardest hitting derbies we’ve had in a long time,” said Judge Lane Billing of Milk River Motorsports, the company that organized the Derby.

Wersal was awa...

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