By Gwen Cornwell
Remember When 

Summer Employment


Do you remember when young men on the high school football team were all anxious to get a job on a farm or ranch for the summer?

Lots of young men were hired to stack bales during the summer. This was before all of the luxurious, time saving equipment that we enjoy now.

The bales lay in the field waiting for a strapping young man to first load them on a flat bed of some kind, and then convey them to the place they would be stacked for winter.

Luckily for those that wanted to build their muscles, you then got to unload all of the bales you just picked up and place them in a stack several tiers high.

Remember how lucky you were to not have to go to the gym for a workout each day? You actually got to enjoy those wonderful hot summer days, get a lovely tan, and build those muscles – all while getting paid for a job!

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