By Gwen Cornwell
Remember When 

Hitting The Road


Do you remember summer vacations – vacations when the whole family packed into the family car?

Of course, at that time the trunk of the family car was big enough to hold a tremendous amount of luggage.

Many families also packed along their meals while on the road. So at least for day one, you had to make room for that.

Dad usually did the driving, and Mom was the map reader. Oh, and Mom was usually the one that convinced Dad to stop at a filling station to get directions from Point A to Point B – after many circles around the block. Mom was of course being the one to ask, as it was not manly to admit you were lost.

Road maps, of course, did not show much as far as navigation through towns or cities. Can you imagine their reaction to a GPS? I had one tell me to make an illegal U turn immediately.

Wow, I can’t even imagine the reaction the female map reader of days past would have gotten from the man at the wheel if she had suggested that.

Sometimes we do need to remember how the modern conveniences have changed our lives for the good.

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