July 24, 2013 | Volume 100 / Number 30

Pet Passion

Spay-Neuter Clinic Volunteers Care For Other Animals, Too

Glasgow is hosting its third spay-neuter clinic for dogs and cats in the South Side fire hall. On Tuesday, the lawn was covered with Chinese Auction items under tents and groggy dogs under blankets. There were cats of all colors recovering on tables, being watched over by volunteers from various parts of the county and other states as well.

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Samar Fay / The Courier
Cindy LaRoche comforts her terrier mix dog as it recovers from surgery at the spay-neuter clinic Tuesday.

Patrick Johnson, a Florida teenager visiting family in Larslan, doesn’t even like cats, but after surgery they tuck into his arms and he strokes them while they wake up.

A couple of girls dropped by and stayed all day selling sheets of Chinese Auction...

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