June 26, 2013 | Volume 100 / Number 26

Reds' Winning Streak Snapped

The Reds finally lost.

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Lisa Legare / For The Courier
Keil Krumwiede and the Glasgow Reds are off to a big lead in the Eastern A Division standings, two games ahead of the second-place Billings Blue Jays.

After 17 straight victories, the Glasgow Reds fell 11-3 to the Calgary PBF Redbirds during the Harold Gjerde Memorial Tournament in Lewistown this weekend. The loss dropped the Reds to the third-place game at the tournament, which they eventually won 9-5 over Great Falls. But to Manager Jack Sprague, the loss could be a good thing for the Reds.

“It was good to see a team that made you pay for mistakes. When we made mistakes, they made you pay.” said Sprague. “So we have to understand, we can’t make those mistakes. We have been able to get away with that.


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