By Sandy Laumeyer
Just A Thought 

Traveling Across Montana


Last week we went to Boulder, Mont., to visit family and friends. On the entire 800-mile round trip, I was constantly amazed at the beauty in the state of Montana.

The whole way there, we saw pastures and crops that were emerald green. Every once in a while we’d spot antelope racing across a field. On a drive to Whitehall, we noticed a whitetail doe nestled next to her fawn. An energetic chipmunk darted from rock to rock, searching for what only it knew it was looking for. Seeing monstrous rocks balanced on top of each other made a person wonder how this could be.

Arriving at the crest of an uphill grade, a picture perfect valley surrounded by pine trees came into view. In the distance could be seen the remains of a log cabin that had perhaps housed a miner in search of a gold strike or a family and their dreams.

Following a 20-minute rain shower, a rainbow spanned the gap between two mountain peaks.

Cattle grazed in lush meadows, their calves often only barely visible in the tall grass. Sheep that had been recently sheared meandered through pastures.

Here and there big popcorn clouds provided a bit of shade across the pastures and crops.

Wheat fields rippled in the breeze, looking much like someone was shaking the dust out of a rug.

Driving along, a peaceful feeling washed over me. I thought about my family and how abundantly blessed we’ve been. I gave thanks for good health, good friends, and the caring, compassionate community where we live.

I was grateful for the absence of miles and miles of heavy traffic, the sound of sirens from police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks piercing the air, and the fact that the distance between towns wasn’t filled with businesses.

Yes, I like to travel and go to cities. But when the time comes to go home, I look forward to doing so. I look forward to sitting on my swing and hearing the birds, watching children play, and enjoy knowing life is so good where I live.

But you don’t have to go on a long drive to see Montana’s incredible beauty. It can be seen in your own backyard. Or take any road leading out of town. And if you have a fancy to explore a road leading off the highway, do so.

A million pictures of our wonderful state are waiting for you to add to your albums and memory.

Sandy Laumeyer is The Courier's award-winning Nashua correspondent.


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