June 19, 2013 | Volume 100 / Number 25

Canadian Oil Firm Pulls Lease Offer

A Canadian oil exploration company has withdrawn the offer it made to lease minerals on land belonging to Valley County, citing the difficulty of conducting business under restrictions intended to protect the habitat of the threatened sage grouse.

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Mona Doebler / For The Courier
The sage grouse\'s status as a threatened species gives it certain clout in these parts – enough to discourage development ventures on its habitat lands. This particular sage grouse was spotted near Hinsdale.

In an email to the Valley County commissioners sent on Tuesday, Don Lee, an attorney for Montex Oil Co., said, “Unfortunately because of the sage grouse habitat issues involving federal lands, it will be extremely difficult to conduct exploratory operations with regard to the Valley County mineral interest.”

In a telephone interview with the C...

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