June 19, 2013 | Volume 100 / Number 25

Benchmark Moment

Nemont Resident Gordon Olson Saves Martha Luck Memorial Bench

Everybody at Nemont Manor enjoyed the comfortable wooden bench at the end of the sidewalk, but it was getting weathered. People were afraid it would fall apart, and that was a shame, since it was a memorial to a resident, Martha Luck. Gordon Olson, a Nemont Manor resident since 2007, decided to rescue the bench.

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Samar Fay / The Courier
Gordon Olson, right, sits on the memorial bench at Nemont Manor that he repaired with the help of Nemont’s maintenance person, Jeff Roberton, at left. The bench was given in memory of Martha Luck by the family of her sister, Olga Koskey, and friends.

Olson disassembled the wooden slats from the iron sides. The Manor’s maintenance man, Jeff Roberton, cut oak for the new slats, which Olson sanded, stained and mounted back onto the iron sides. The brass memorial plate was brought back to a high shine by Baker’s Jewelry.

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