June 5, 2013 | Volume 100 / Number 23

Whiskey For All

Isakson Gets Dirty In Win

That rumbling you heard on Saturday and Sunday was not an earthquake. It was the ear-shredding grumble of 400-horsepower engines running down a dirt drag strip and through four-foot deep mud.

J. Levi Burnfin / The Courier
Whiskey Isakson’s 1937 Hudson Terraplane powers through the mud pit on Sunday as she went on to win two different mud bogging classes.

Milk River Motorsports put on a two-day event showcasing some of the most powerful and meanest trucks, cars and other in Montana.

On Saturday, dozens competed in five classes of dirt drag racing. Glasgow’s Matt Wilfong took first with a time of 6.6 seconds in the stock class. Roy Stroppe was second and Joan Erickson was third.

In superstock, Kyle Flateland had the fastest time, finishing in six seconds flat. Russell Schmitt was second and Bryce Lawrence was third. Whiskey Isakson brought home the gold in the modified class, racing down the track in 5.49 seconds. Cody Dix was second and Blayne Kortes was third.

Isakson also was able to finish in second in the super modified class, behind Adam Powell’s 5.21-second run. Josh Dix finished third.

Finally, in the open class, Amanda Powell was first in 5.46 seconds and Chris Moore was second.

Adam Powell also set a new track record with a run of 5.09 seconds earlier in the day.

On Sunday, competitors moved to the mud pit to see how far they could get in the deep, dense mud. Wilfong again took the top spot in stock, going 88 feet. Erickson was second this time around and Ronald Stahl was third.

Erick Forum broke 100 feet in superstock, stopping at 108 feet, 4 inches, for first. Lawrence was second and Flateland was third.

Isakson took a pair of top spots in both the modified and super modified classes. She traveled 137- 4 in the modified run and then went an eve-best 161- 4 in the super modified. Cody Dix was second in modified followed by Joe Holt. Gary Dix was second in super mod and Adam Powell was third.

Milk River Motorsports’ next event will be the demolition derby on June 15, at 6 p.m.

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