June 5, 2013 | Volume 100 / Number 23

Mongolian Students Visit Timber Creek Ranch

Dr. Cliff Montagne, of Montana State University’s Department of Land Resources and Environmental Sciences, brought grad students Lora Soderquist, Rebecca Kurnick, Badamgarav (Badmaa) Dovchin and Sarina Bao (from Mongolia and Chinese-controlled Inner Mongolia) out to Horse Ranch on Timber Creek for a seminar on Eastern Montana ranch ecology and management philosophy May 10 to 13.

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For The Courier
Bat-Erdene, the husband of one of the graduate students from Mongolia, Badamgarav (Badmaa) Dovchin, makes friends with Chance. Badmaa said the horses in Montana are bigger than Mongolian horses.

Thanks to our generous community, we had a number of interesting seminar stops on our way to the ranch. Rose Teske opened the Huntley School in Saco for us. The school has a picture of my Great-grandma Josephine,...

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