June 5, 2013 | Volume 100 / Number 23

Black Bear Captured Near Brockway Successfully Moved to Little Belts

A black bear captured on a ranch near the McCone County town of Brockway over the Memorial Day weekend has been moved by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks wardens to a new home in the Little Belt Mountains.

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For The Courier
This male black bear was captured in the Brockway area over the Memorial Day weekend and moved to the Little Belt Mountains by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks wardens.

FWP Region 6 Warden Todd Tryan of Glasgow received a report from McCone County Undersheriff Lonny Jensen on May 24 that a bear had just been spotted in the Brockway Cemetery.

Tryan immediately headed to the area and eventually located the animal in a scrap woodpile more than three miles north of Montana Highway 200. Area landowners Paul and Chase Gebhardt helped Tryan keep the bear confin...

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