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By J. Levi Burnfin
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Champs Return For Cat Classic


It’s not exactly set up as a tournament of champions, but the 14th annual Glasgow Catfish Classic sure looks like it will be just that.

In the 13 previous tournaments, 10 different teams have taken home the title of best catfish duo. Seven of those teams are still together and are in the tournament field on Saturday. An eighth championship duo, Cole Plouff and Mitch McIntyre in 2006, are in the tournament but are now with other partners.

“It’s quite simply the best field we’ve had,” said tournament director Brenner Flaten.

It could have even been stronger if Flaten did not give up participating in the tournament in order to run it. He teamed up with his brother Jason in 2003-04 for back-to-back titles before putting down the fishing line and picking up the full-time tournament reins.

Last year’s champions, Gage Gordon and MacKenzie Reid, return to defend their title from the 80-team field, including three-time champions, Nate and Jerry Molstad. The Molstad mates won three titles in four years between 2007-10. Only Don Resseguie and Kevin Durrell’s win in 2008 split the Molstad’s run. In 2011, Luke Morehouse and Calvin Kemmis brought in the largest weight. In 2005, it was another Morehouse, Adam, who brought home the title alongside Kirk Boyer.

In 2002, it was Todd Young and Matt Tribby who scored the top weight. In the inaugural tournament in 2000, Brady Flaten and Jason Molstad won the title. The only championship team without any involvement in the tournament this year is 2001 winners Josh Thompson and James Schultz.

Last year’s tournament saw records fall all night, as Gordon and Reid reeled in a giant weight of 51.60 pounds, shattering the old record of 40.95 set in 2010. Gordon’s haul included the biggest single fish in the history of the tournament, as well, a 17.64-pound mammoth. Gordon’s second biggest fish, a 12.6-pounder, would have also set the record.

In a change from last year, the tournament now starts at 4 p.m. instead of 5, giving fishers a full eight hours on the river.

The tournament Calcutta and street dance will be on Front Street once again, starting at 7 p.m. on Friday.

Full Tournament Roster:

1.  Lucas Partridge, Sidney - Chris Partridge, St. Marie   

2.  Ashley Harris, Sidney - Fran Syth, Sidney   

3.  Allan Harrington, Glasgow - Tara Harrington, Glasgow

4.  James Kelly, Three Forks - Charles Buxbaum, Sidney

5.  Randy Elletson, Glasgow - DJ Elletson, Glasgow  

6.  Jessica Hallock, Nashua - Jesse Nickels, Nashua

7.  Luke Morehouse, Glasgow - Calvin Kemmis, Glasgow  

8.  Brien Gault, Glasgow - Autumn Gault, Glasgow  

9.  Mitch McIntyre, Glasgow MT. - Spencer Marsh, Glasgow  

10.  Kyle Watson, Dickinson, ND. - Colton Hill, Dickinson, ND.  

11.  Doug Mahlum, Great Falls - Nathan Wiens, Great Falls  

12.  Mike Turner, Williston, ND. - Duane Turner, Glasgow  

13.  Cowboy Murch, Glasgow - Mike Hlad, Glasgow

14.  Joel Smith, Glasgow - Marc Kloker, Glasgow

15.  Scott Swanson, Laurel - Bobby Wise, Billings 

16.  Chad Dawson, Dickinson, ND. - Cade Flaten, Minot, ND.

17.  CJ Kemmis, Glasgow - Colin Kemmis, Glasgow 

18.  Melvin McNary, Glasgow - Martin Blake, Glasgow  

19.  Lori Shipp, Glasgow - Della Shipp, Glasgow

20.  Steve Harris Sr., Sidney - Lori Nelson, Sidney  

21.  Andy Lasalle, Havre - Tyler VanderMars, Glasgow

22.  Trevor Waarvik, Glasgow - Darcie Waarvik, Glasgow  

23.  Jeff Unterseher, Glendive - Ben Unterseher, Glasgow

24.  Gene Hartsock, Glasgow - Ethan Hartsock, Glasgow  

25.  Eric Billmayer, Havre - Casey Riggin, Glasgow

26.  Don Resseguie, Great Falls - Kevin Durell, Glasgow 

27.  Carmen Corey, Nashua - Tom James, Glasgow 

28.  Bo Boreson, Glasgow - Vance Anderson, Glasgow  

29.  Dylan Hughes, Glasgow - Aaron Hartsock, Glasgow    

30.  Storm Jackson, Glasgow - Ed Sugg, Glasgow 

31.  William Durell, Nashua - Aaron Durell, Glasgow

32.  Josh Marrottek, Medicine Lake - Drew Henry, Glasgow  

33.  Steve Harris Jr., Sidney - Chad Nelson, Sidney  

34.  Matt Simley, Nashua - Judy Anderson, Nashua  

35.  Mark Combs, Glasgow - Seth Combs, Glasgow

36.  Bryon Armour, Lewistown - Hooper Armour, Lewistown

37.  Troy Cotter, Sidney - Heather Cotter, Sidney 

38.  Steve Chappell, Glasgow - John Chappell, Glasgow  

39.  Brady Flaten, Glasgow - Jason Molstad, Glasgow

40.  Chris Kolstad, Glasgow - Darryl Kolstad, Glasgow

41.  Louie Monson, Glasgow - Randy Cumber, Glasgow

42.  Kelvin Morehouse, Glasgow - Brian Mix, Glasgow  

43.  Ashley Kemmis, Glasgow - Briana Page, Glasgow    

44.  Paul Siefert, Glasgow - Gage Siefert, Glasgow  

45.  Shannon Albert, Hardin - Rod Hudyma, Glasgow

46.  Larry Hockhalter, Glasgow - Seth Ingram, Glasgow

47.  Lacey Flaten, Glasgow - Keegan Jensen, Glasgow  

48.  Brady Mueller, Sidney - Brandon Mueller, Sidney  

49.  Nick Pentas, Billings - Shawn Bergstrom, Nashua  

50.  Matt Poole, Glasgow - Emilee Morehouse, Glasgow  

51.  Paul Provencher, Glasgow - Kent Schindler, Glasgow

52.  Mikayla Waarvik, Billings - Carla Olson, Glasgow

53.  Travis Doke, Billings - Jessica Doke, Billings

54.  Todd Young, Glasgow - Matt Tribby, Glasgow  

55.  Jon George, Billings - Raleigh George, Billings  

56.  JD Bailey, Opheim - Jake Knaff, Glasgow   

57.  Matt Earls, Glasgow - Becky Earls, Glasgow  

58.  Curtis Shipman, Glasgow - Bob Harrington, Glasgow 

59.  Reid Coldwell, Glasgow - Cache Younkin, Glasgow

60.  Adam Morehouse, Glasgow - Kirk Boyer, Glasgow    

61.  Walker Fischer, Alexandria, SD. - Bret Schindler, Glasgow

62.  Darin Eschenbacher, Savage - Jim Wenzel, Sidney

63.  Jeremiah Hopstad, Billings - Justin King, Sidney 

64.  Jason Maynard, Poplar - Scott Swanson, Billings   

65.  Norm Braaten, Fort Peck - Dustin Braaten, Nashua

66.  Tyler Partridge, Glasgow - Ryan Feezell, Glasgow

67.  Nate Molstad, Havre - Jerry Molstad, Glasgow  

68.  Stone Tihista, Nashua - Mike Merideth, Nashua 

69.  Cole Plouffe, Glendive - Jory Casterline, Glasgow  

70.  Blake Gauer, Park City - Zach Dasinger, Billings

71.  Scott Redstone, Glasgow - Aden Redstone, Glasgow  

72.  Skylar Blalock, Billings - KC Matfeldt, Glasgow 

73.  Gage Gordon, Belgrade - MacKenzie Reid, Bozeman

74.  JR Cusker, Nashua - Gage Cusker, Nashua  

75.  John Britzman, Glasgow - BJ Kemp, Glasgow

76.  Joseph Kiedrowski, Shepherd - Brittney Kendall, Shepherd  

77.  Shawn Wersal, Glasgow - Jake Aune, Glasgow

78.  Tracy Krause, Great Falls - Katie Kuka, Glasgow  

79.  Tyler George, Sheridan, WY. - Kim George, Sheridan, WY.

80.  Aimee Ost, Billings - Timm Canen, Glasgow


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