By Samar Fay
Courier Editor 

Vandals Damage City Pool Building, Break Kiwanis Swim Trophies

Glasgow Police Investigation Still On; Tips Sought


Samar Fay / The Courier

The trophies won over the years by the Kiwanis Swim Team lie broken on the floor after vandals entered the pool house last week.

City employees discovered a mess at the Glasgow city pool last week. The Recreation Department secretary called police at about 6 a.m. on Tuesday, May 21, saying an employee just told her the pool had been “destroyed.”

Officers found every light fixture in the building broken, 21 of them. In the lifeguard lounge, everything on the shelves had been dumped off.

Perhaps the worst was the many trophies won by the Kiwanis Swim Team over the years, thrown to the floor. Many were broken.

The plumbing fixtures in the building were not damaged and the pool itself was not harmed. The total dollar amount of damage has not been determined yet.

Capt. Brien Gault said the vandals climbed the chain link fence sometime Monday night and entered the building through unlocked doors in the back. The incident is still under investigation. Anyone with any information about the case is asked to call the Glasgow Police Department, 228-4333.

Samar Fay / The Courier

In the lifeguard lounge at the Glasgow pool, all the items on shelves were thrown onto the floor. Police said vandals broke in sometime Monday night, May 20.


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