May 22, 2013 | Volume 100 / Number 21

Brothers Served On Same WWII Ship

All Six Of Hinsdale's Fahlgrens Survived Pearl Harbor And The War

As we look towards Memorial Day, Krista Fahlgren of Malta thought maybe people might enjoy an article about the Fahlgren boys from Hinsdale. Her grandfather, Carl “Swede” Fahlgren used to contribute to the Phillips County newspaper for Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day and Pearl Harbor Day. His six brothers all served during WWII, with five of them serving in the Navy on the same ship, which was hit during the Pearl Harbor attack. Carl Fahlgren, the youngest, was turned down for service and lived in Malta. They also had a sister, Irene.

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For The Courier
The Fahlgren brothers serving in the Navy at Pearl Harbor were, left to right, Vern, Ervin, Glen, Warner and Gordon.

The last Fahlgren brother, Ervin, passed away in March...

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