By Samar Fay
Courier Editor 

Mayor Carney Faces A Battle

Erickson Shows Up Early To Take On Incumbent; Others May Join The Race


A line had formed at the Clerk and Recorder’s office before it opened on Monday. Becky Erickson said she got there at 20 minutes to eight to be the first person to file for the Glasgow mayor’s race.

Erickson has served on the Glasgow City Council for 18 years, as well as on the boards of many local and state organizations.

She was soon joined in line by Melanie Sorensen, a city councilman who had decided not to run for re-election in Ward 3, the south side, but changed her mind when Erickson announced her candidacy for mayor. Sorensen has been on the City Council since 2007.

Not much later, Mayor Dan Carney arrived to file paperwork for a third four-year term.

Two other mayoral hopefuls are rumored to be in the wings, and council seats are up for election in the all three wards, so this should be a lively campaign season.

In a statement, Erickson said,” There is much to be done in the areas of affordable housing, public safety due to the influx of activity from the oil fields, keeping Glasgow as environmentally sound as possible, keeping water and sewer rates affordable for all, and to work towards increasing efficiency for all city buildings. We need to be proactive versus reactive in addressing the impact that the oil business will have on our city’s aging infrastructure and to be assured that we can continue to support city services including police and fire departments protecting our citizens and addressing issues related to increased population.”

Sorensen also issued a statement.

“I had decided that I did not want to run earlier because I felt that I could no longer agree with the direction city business was being taken. I think that Becky will provide a chance to bring more openness and communication to decisions and make decisions in a careful manner, being mindful of laws and regulations we might not always like but have to follow. I think we need to get back to the basics and listen to what our constituents really want and involve them in the decision making process. I guess it is a woman’s prerogative to change her mind and I hope the voters understand.”

In a statement to KLTZ radio, Mayor Carney said there is unfinished business that he would like to complete in the next four years, but he is very positive about Glasgow as a leader in eastern Montana.

The filing deadline is June 27. If a primary election is needed it will be held on Sept. 10. The municipal general election is Tuesday, Nov. 5.


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