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 By D.K. Holm    Opinion    November 22, 2017 

Thanksgiving Movies

Thanksgiving is not a time for movies. It’s a day for football. And eating. Lots of eating. And getting together with family and friends, and then maybe watching some kind of variety show on the tube late at night. Yet the few Thanksgiving movies... Full story


Wild West Revisted

While I was attending high school in Malta, two south county ranchers were shot to death in the men’s restroom of a local saloon. The wild, wild west was not of the past; it was in the here and now! During the same time frame, a north county... Full story

 By Aaron Olson    Opinion    November 22, 2017 

Combat the Opiate Epidemic

According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, the leading cause of accidental death in 2015 was drug overdose. The life toll from the drug epidemic has been consistently growing over the past couple of years with opiate addiction and...

 By James Dean    Opinion    November 22, 2017 

Talking Tax Cuts, Inflation

When Congress cuts income taxes, they increase your inflation tax in secret. This is like taking money out of your left pocket rather than your right pocket. Either way, you pay. When it comes to taxes, ignore tax rates and focus on government... Full story


Holiday Wishes

I think that this memory might be area specific, but do you remember when the three meals of the day were breakfast, dinner and supper? I have been made aware over the years that terminology can be very confusing. It seems the more acceptable terms... Full story


Community Involvement Counts

The month of November is set aside for giving thanks, spending time with friends and family, and helping others. The Glasgow Police Department would like to take time this month to thank all of our local business owners and community members. There... Full story


Theatre Endowment Update

The Fort Peck Fine Arts Council, a 501c3 organization, has been dedicated to the maintenance and preservation of the beautiful Fort Peck Theatre. To accomplish this goal, an Endowment Fund was created, and professionally managed through the Montana... Full story


Letter to the Editor

I disagree with Gov. Bullock’s proposal to eliminate Medicaid funding for many adult dental and other healthcare services. Elderly, disabled, and seriously mentally ill Montanans are our most vulnerable families and neighbors. They need this care... Full story


Letter to the Editor

Friends and Neighbors, I’m asking for your help in curbing wasteful spending by the Montana Department of Transportation. MDT is once again proposing the construction of the Grass Range round-a-bout at the junction of Hwy. 200 and 87. Last spring,... Full story


Homestead Playhouse

Editor's Note: This story was originally told by Mary Ellen DePuydt to our very own Helen. Hidden in the shadows of modern farm buildings, rests a gray rotting log cabin, whispering its memories of the homestead days on the Montana prairie,...


More and More Government

As a fourth generation Montanan and 22-year District Court Judge, I believe Montana deserves better. We deserve better from our public servants. We deserve government policies that do not stifle economic growth and stagnate wages. We deserve the abil...

 By Mike Lang    Opinion    November 15, 2017

Patching Revenue Holes

The special session, called by the Governor, of the 65th Legislature will begin on Tuesday, November 14th. Our local papers will be printed after this letter was written. I trust we will be able to patch the revenue holes to our state budget. Five...



Following the scandalous sanctioning of the GHS volleyball team by MHSA (see MHSA Sanctions GHS Volleyball Program), it has become clear to me that sportsmanship – even at the highest level of competition – is declining. Specifically, it seems th...


Times Will Change

How many of you think of all the wonderful conveniences our present day vehicles provide us? The other day I had the opportunity (or necessity) to drive my older model pickup to work. Oh my, no heated seats or steering wheel, no back-up camera or pho...


Acceptance Isn't Resignation

An actor being interviewed about his medical diagnosis stated, “Acceptance isn’t resignation.” He was so right. When I was told in January 2010 I had a blood clot in my arm and could lose a finger because of it, my first feeling was one of fear...


On the Road, At Home

I know it. Most Montanans know it. At its core, the strength of Montana’s economy and our way of life relies on the power of a strong public education system. Nowhere is that more clear than on a road trip in Montana. Here is my most recent road...


Scottie Volleyball

The biggest sports news this week, for me, is that the Lady Scottie volleyball team lost their district title due to a violation of a Montana High School Association (MHSA) rule. Although I received the information in plenty of time to adjust the...


Sea Change Coming

In the past two weeks, two former Presidents, two current Republican Senators, and sleuth of commentators have railed against the “current state of political discourse.” I presently am doing the same thing here in this column, and that...


Montana Indian Caucus

As Montanans, American Indians, and members of the Montana Legislature, we share the frustration of people all across Montana. As the potentially devastating effects of these cuts have become clear over the past few weeks, Montana’s elected...



Sometimes I wonder if we realize how many times we receive a gift, yet don’t realize it as such. We are given a gift every single day when we wake up. Throughout each day we receive more gifts. A hug from a child, a smile from someone we pass on...


Letter to the Editor

One of the most beautiful things about football is the presentation of the flag of the United States of America during the national anthem and Air Force I flying over the stadium. It takes my breath away and brings tears to my eyes. Now we are being... Full story

 By Jon Tester    Opinion    October 25, 2017

Facing the Opiod Crisis

Montanans, like many across our country, continue to face a severe and growing opioid, meth, and heroin epidemic. These drugs have ravaged Montana homes and families, leaving little of our state untouched by addiction. The time is now. We must work...


The Montana We Know

Every morning we open our eyes is yet another opportunity to rise, face the world and make choices. When I’m not sharing parenting duties with my wife Meagen, and running our four kids to and from school and their various activities around...


The Farm Labor Shortage

Thanks to scientific innovation in agriculture, farmers and ranchers are using fewer resources to grow an abundant, sustainable food supply. But I wonder how far our new technology and techniques will take us if farmers are left without one of the...


Threats to Rural Communities

Rural America embodies the best of our nation. Tough, rugged, resilient and hard working. To me, it’s something that is quintessentially American, like a Charlie Russell painting. Something that can’t always be measured, yet is always felt....


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