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 By Sandy Laumeyer    Opinion    July 27, 2016 

Every Single Person

Lately I’ve been seeing and hearing articles about lives that matter - police lives, black lives, road workers’ lives, medical responder lives - even a picture of a small girl with “My Life Matters” written on her hand. Why does it suddenly...

 By Gwen Cornwell    Opinion    July 27, 2016 

Slop The Hogs

Last week my memories concerned the marketing of pigs, at least to some extent. Do you remember when almost all farmers and ranchers had a small bunch of pigs on their places? Most rural housewives had a slop pail sitting somewhere near the kitchen a...

 By Helen Depuydt    Opinion    July 27, 2016 

Midwifery & Chocolates

Walking into our tiny living room before Christmas had become an annual event for this older couple. They always had a gift in hand, which they presented to Mama, and then they relaxed to chat awhile. The pleasant-looking pair were no strangers to...

 By Virgil Vaupel    Opinion    July 27, 2016 

The Urination Syndrome

Here’s the plan. I want every one of the 3.14159265 true conservative males over the age of 18, staunch supporter of HRC and who actually reads this nonsense column to take out your wallet and extract 25 percent of its wealth. Now go directly to th...

 By James Walling    Opinion    July 27, 2016 

Semantics Matters

Since the estimable Sandy Laumeyer and Pastor John Collins have expressed eloquent viewpoints on the subject of various lives mattering this week, I thought I’d wade in to clarify some of the language involved and discuss the basic semantics...

 By Parker Kulczyk    Opinion    July 20, 2016

Why America Needs a Constitutional Convention

America is having a rough summer. However, at the end of the day, I know that being an American citizen and living in a country this great is a blessing. That is why I think we need to adapt the US Constitution to fit our modern needs yet preserve... Full story

 By Sandy Laumeyer    Opinion    July 20, 2016

The Nashua Reunion

The past several weeks have been a little rough due in part to a new drug I am taking. For the last couple of years, one after another hormone therapy medication was prescribed to bring my cancer under control. Each one of them has failed after a...

 By Gwen Cornwell    Opinion    July 20, 2016

It's Almost Fair Time

It’s almost fair time and time for all the 4-H, FFA and open class animals to come to town. With this in mind, I decided it was a good time to share a story told by one of our deceased friends. Keep in mind, this is a remember and in no way meant...

 By Bebe Crouse    Opinion    July 20, 2016

Preserving Sage Grouse and Ranching with Conservation Easements

The conversion of native grassland and sagebrush to cropland is one of the greatest threats to wildlife that depend on this disappearing habitat such as greater sage-grouse. A new study projects that, if conversion rates continue as expected, sage...

 Opinion    July 20, 2016

On Gianforte- A Letter to the Editor

What a ray of sunshine to have a candidate for Governor of Montana that takes the time to attend many of the functions that are going on in Northeast Montana. To name a few since Greg Gianforte has filed for Governor: Busted Knuckle open house, Gover...

 Opinion    July 20, 2016

Is Your Health Care Better Now?- A Letter to the Editor

It has been just over six years since President Obama signed his sweeping health care legislation into law, subjecting every American to federal mandates. How is it working out? Are your insurance premiums lower? Are your deductibles lower? Is it eas...

 By Gwen Cornwell    Opinion    July 13, 2016

Independence Day

This past Independence Day Weekend, I chose to spend the three days at home alone. This seems to come about as the years go by and we choose not to put on a swimsuit to enjoy the long weekend. Might be because most of us no longer have bikini...

 By Mary Jane Bradbury    Opinion    July 13, 2016

Why Nancy Russell

What makes an interesting living history portrayal? An historic interpreter is an artist, creating a living portrait of a person whose life was worthy and meaningful in the context of the time in which that person lived, giving audiences a glimpse...

 By Helen Depuydt    Opinion    July 13, 2016

Cowboy Cure

Editor's note: In the previous installment of Saco Stories, a character was misidentified as "Richard DePuydt." The actual moniker is simply "Richard," sans the last name (no relation). We apologize for any confusion. It wouldn’t be a regular day...

 By Ginevra Kirkland    Opinion    July 13, 2016

Fighting Fire with Water

“Where there is hatred, let me sow love,” the supplicant pleads in the Prayer of Saint Francis, “where there is despair, hope”. When faced with an onslaught of murders last week, people took to social media and to the streets to express...

 By Virgil Vaupel    Opinion    July 13, 2016

On Guns, the Illusion of Control, and Deregulation

Since the early 1980’s there have been over 200 major publications touting the number of gun laws nationwide at the 20,000 figure. Since the early 1980’s lots of people have been killed with guns, singly or in bunches. No irreverence intended....

 By Ryan Zinke    Opinion    July 6, 2016

Our Veterans Memorial is a Fitting Tribute

Over the past month, I had the honor and privilege of recognizing more than 1,200 Montanans who served in the Armed Forces during the Vietnam War at special pinning ceremonies. (Date and location for Glasgow/Fort Peck area coming soon) Many of these...

 By Terry Trang    Opinion    July 6, 2016

Pushing the Positive

I attended two Nashua School board meetings last week. I no longer have a child at Nashua School. My husband and I no longer work full-time at the school, but we are very involved in extra-curricular activities. We both graduated from schools that... Full story

 By Virgil Vaupel    Opinion    July 6, 2016

How to Retire at the Age of 21 on $60K per Year

Intriguing headline, what? It’s true. One can retire and live a life of Riley on a little over $60,600 a year. Free ... No strings ... no obligations, and best of all, NO WORK!! Get paid handsomely while you sit on the beach or hike in the...

 By SSG Etherington    Opinion    July 6, 2016

Where Have All the Boy Scouts Gone?

While serving food with the Boy Scouts at the Veteran’s Memorial Dedication in Fort Peck on Independence Day, I was taken off-guard by a comment made by a woman and her husband. They said they were surprised to see Boy Scouts and didn’t know...

 By Mary Honrud    Opinion    June 29, 2016

Reminiscing and Reunions

With the All-School Reunion having occurred in Opheim this past weekend, it must be time for some reminiscing. I confess I’m not a Montana native. I didn’t grow up in Opheim, nor in any one place. I was a military dependent. We moved every few ye...

 By Sandy Laumeyer    Opinion    June 29, 2016

Survivor Support

Feb. 19, 2010, a date that is burned into my memory. That was the day I had a modified radical mastectomy for Stage 2 breast cancer. March 19, 2010. The next date that is unforgettable for me. That was the day I began five and a half months of...

 Opinion    June 29, 2016

Letters to the Editor

Dirt Road Indictment My best friend’s father recently lost his battle with cancer. He was a man I knew my whole life, a good man. He had been sick for a long time and I would see him in the local grocery store and say hi and chat him up. I went to...

 By Helen DePuydt    Opinion    June 29, 2016

Circle Diamond Cowboys

According to an old ballad, Saturday night was the loneliest night of the week. Not so for the Circle Diamond cowboys. After their once-a-week bath, either in a creek during the heat of summer days or with a tub full of water heated on the kitchen...

 By Gwen Cornwell    Opinion    June 29, 2016

Commending Community

I am going to deviate a little this week to reminisce about class reunions. Do you remember the first school reunion you attended? For most that was the 10th year after graduation. Sometimes those first reunions make a memory that helps get us all ex...


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