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 By Bonnie Davidson    Opinion    October 22, 2014 

Trick Or Treat For The Troops

For the third year, Eastern Montana Glasgow Head Start will trick or treat for a cause. A group of Head Start kids will go out into the community to collect items for the troops on Halloween in hopes to make a soldier's day a little bit brighter.... Full story

 By Steve Sukut    Opinion    October 22, 2014 

For A Few Years, Please Don't Shoot Anterless Whitetail Deer

Dear Editor: I'm addressing this letter to big game hunters, both resident and those from out of the area. I'm writing this to ask you to please don't shoot the antlerless whitetail deer in the area between Hinsdale and Nashua, for 5 miles on each... Full story

 By Sandy Laumeyer    Opinion    October 22, 2014 

Fighting Cancer Again

I am writing this column from Billings, where I am undergoing five radiation treatments. The drug I was taking to keep my breast cancer at bay failed. I was told by two oncologists that some active cancer cells developed a resistance to the drug,...

 By Bonnie Davidson    Opinion    October 22, 2014 

Valley County Part Of Disaster Declaration

As flood waters receded in late August, Valley County Disaster and Emergency Services Coordinator Rick Seiler started working on figuring how much damage existed. Those numbers began to rise in Valley County, along with those in nearby Musselshell,...

 By Gwen Cornwell    Opinion    October 22, 2014 

Hitting The Road

Have you traveled in your home area lately and thought about the original location of the highway or road you were traveling on? The highway between Nashua and Glasgow, for instance. I remember that highway as being one of my first highway driving...

 By Stephen Larsen    Opinion    October 15, 2014

Sage Grouse Conservation In Big Sky Country

Much of rural and small town Montana depends on the economic impact of recreation and tourism. Camping, hunting, fishing, birding, hiking, guiding and other activities in 11 Western states, including Montana, brought in $623 million in direct... Full story

 By Virgil Vaupel    Opinion    October 15, 2014

Hodgepodge And Other 'Impertinent' Stuff

Last week I ran away from home. I left 1,500 bales of hay in the fields waiting for Donna to pick them up. I cleaned out my fridge of all stuff that would perish in my absence. I packed eight shirts, eight pair of socks, eight pair of shorts, four...

 By Gwen Cornwell    Opinion    October 15, 2014

What Day Was That?

Do you remember the original date of Columbus Day? I did ask several of my acquaintances on Monday if they remembered the date, but ended up checking it out on the Internet. I was right, it used to be celebrated on Oct. 12 for many, many years. Now...

 By Bonnie Davidson    Opinion    October 15, 2014

Do You Stand Up Or Sit Silently?

There seems to be so much focus on bullying these days. You see viral video posts of kids being beat up by kids, movies about kids being cyber bullied and constantly hear about bully prevention. It's seems to be some kind of new fad to stand up...

 By Alice Wallem    Opinion    October 15, 2014

'Look, Mom, That Lady Has Wheels'

Dear Editor I'm not sure about the rest of the world, but in the area from Billings to Malta, there are lots of kind and thoughtful people. I am temporarily wheelchair bound. Family, friends and perfect strangers have been so helpful. People rush to...

 By Doris Franzen    Opinion    October 8, 2014

You Need To Know About R.L. Irle

Before you make any decisions about renaming the Irle School, you need to learn more about Mr. R. L. Irle. Mr R.L. Irle came to Glasgow in 1929, I believe. Just in time for the beginning of three... Full story

 By David Irving    Opinion    October 8, 2014

What's In A Name? Everything! Keep Irle Elementary

A name is identity, a heritage, a tradition and a trust. It is something that is cultivated and earned over years, even generations. In education, a name is a memory or an association with a force that sparks many of us to strive to reach our...

 By Sam Kindle    Opinion    October 8, 2014

Common Core Teaching System Must Be Stopped

Dear Editor: By now your children are back at school and have already dealt with their first midterm. But did you know that they are using a new way to teach your children? It's called Common Core. Common Core is touted as a national system of...

 By Ashley Roness    Opinion    October 8, 2014

Protect Our Right To Vote On Election Day

Montanans must protect our right to vote on Election Day. Election Day registration has allowed over 28,000 Montanans the freedom to register and vote on the same day since its creation in 2005. This is especially important to returning military,...

 By Virgil Vaupel    Opinion    October 8, 2014

The ISIS Crisis

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I seem to recall a very poker-faced Barry Obama telling us and the world a few weeks ago that – and I para-phrase here – there will not be any more American sons and daughters fighting on foreign soil, meaning, I...

 By Bob Connors    Opinion    October 1, 2014

Should The New School Be Named Irle Or Not?

What is in a name? We are in a situation where we are looking to order letters for the new elementary school.  I asked the board, “Are we going to change the name of the elementary?" This first came about when R.L. Irle's family, currently living... Full story

 By Sandy Laumeyer    Opinion    October 1, 2014

The Younger Generation Comes Through

Many of you have probably heard about Robert Back, a high school student at Belt, who sustained a head injury while playing in a high school football game. Word spread quickly about his injury and condition. A fund was set up to help with his...

 By Gwen Cornwell    Opinion    October 1, 2014

The Dark Ages

Do you remember when we did not have Daylight Saving Time? Everyone got up an hour earlier to begin their day and probably went to bed before dark because they had already put in a long day. I remember a lot of the comments when DLS officially came i...

 By Bonnie Davidson    Opinion    October 1, 2014

Social Responsibility and Random Acts Of Kindness

Imagine a scene that you've probably witnessed and never really noticed. A car drives around a parking lot several times. The driver seems to be hovering towards the front of the lot almost waiting for someone to pull out. You vaguely notice a...

 By Emily Wilson    Opinion    September 24, 2014

Goodbye From Library Director

Just a quick note to end a very quick tenure here at the Glasgow City-County Library. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you at the Glasgow City-County Library. It has been almost 18 months since I became your library director and it has been an... Full story

 By Sandy Laumeyer    Opinion    September 24, 2014

The Joy Of A Growing Fingernail

This week seems to be one for writing about this and that. So here goes. Last week, I was trimming my fingernails. When I got to the forefinger – or is it called the pointer finger – on my left hand, I stopped for a few minutes, recalling how exc...

 By Virgil Vaupel    Opinion    September 24, 2014

We Live In A Disposable World

I recall a time in America when folks would save up money for a car or college tuition or on a smaller scale a pair of ice skates for a child. Most of us had credit at the grocery story and the gas station, but that's where it ended. If we couldn't...

 By Howard Sawatzky    Opinion    September 24, 2014

Glasgow Our Kind of Place, Canadians Say

Dear Editor: Just thought I'd pass on our experience as we passed through Glasgow this past week. We were traveling back home along Highway 2 towards Manitoba, and an old camper caught our eye. We stopped on the yard but were unsure of how far to go...

 By Bonnie Davidson    Opinion    September 24, 2014

Don't Stay Silent

It's a subject of shame to some families, but it should be nothing to be ashamed of. The words suicide, depression and mental health issues holds such a stigma that people cringe, they avoid talking about it and change the subject when it arises. As...

 By Sandy Laumeyer    Opinion    September 17, 2014

Mrs. Fix-It

Over the years I've found it really does help to know some basics about repairing vehicles and farm equipment. The first car my husband and I had was a Chevy four-door sedan. About a year after he purchased it, a problem developed. For some reason,... Full story


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