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 By Gwen Cornwell    Opinion    June 21, 2017 

The Really Dry Years

O.K. readers, I lied a little bit. I have been fortunate enough to not have a second elbow surgery immediately, so will try to come up with a few memories. I have heard on the radio that our weather conditions are being recorded as the driest since...

 By James Walling    Opinion    June 21, 2017 

Kulczyk, Heavey, Valle Win Honors

The Courier brought home six awards from the annual Montana Newspaper Association Better Newspaper Contest in Lewistown this weekend, including three firsts: Sports Editor Georgie Kulczyk won first place for Best Headline Writing and second place...

 By Sandy Laumeyer    Opinion    June 21, 2017 

Thankful for Every Drop

We all know how fickle Mother Nature can be. I don’t think there’s one month I haven’t seen weather that is unusual. Take this month -- June -- for example. Normally we have a pretty decent growing season. But one year, the growing season was...

 By Josie Braaten    Opinion    June 21, 2017 

Can the Catcalls

I’ve been running ever since it became glaringly obvious, at a very early age, that I was basically physically incapable of playing any sport requiring hand-eye coordination, and I love it. I find it to be wonderfully exhilarating, while...

 By Michael Burns    Opinion    June 21, 2017 

Millions of Ottos

From a safe distance we were able to witness the distilled truth of how barbarous, fiendish and merciless the world can be. No parent should live to bury their young, and fortunately, for most of us, the closest clash of reality with this ever happen...

 By Jon Tester    Opinion    June 21, 2017 

Tester Talks Trains, Budget

Every year over one hundred thousand people ride the Empire Builder, many stop in Glasgow. Those people frequent the small businesses, spending their hard-earned money and sustaining good-paying jobs for Glasgow and the surrounding areas.  For 88...

 By Gwen Cornwell    Opinion    June 14, 2017

Sing Along with Sunday Services

I found myself thinking about Sunday church services the other day. Many changes have come about since my Sunday school days. My Sunday school experiences was not related to one church. Growing up in a small community, plus several moves during my...

 By Mike Lang    Opinion    June 14, 2017

Lang Details 65th Session

The 65th Montana legislature ended in late April by balancing a $10.3 billion-dollar- budget for the biennium of 2018 and 2019. My first session was in 2013, and we had about $550 million of general fund cash on hand. However, because spending was...


Thank You, Glasgow

Two years ago this week, we embarked on our new adventure to Glasgow from Grand Forks, N.D. With a two-week old baby girl in tow, and a caravan consisting of a U-Haul and three vehicles stocked full with most of our belongings, we started the long...


FPST, Hope for Rain, Lucky Clovers

Sunday was a delightful day for me. Our son, Carl, and his family treated me to the Sunday matinee of Arsenic and Old Lace at the Fort Peck Summer Theatre and dinner afterwards at the Gateway. The people who worked so hard to bring live theatre to...

 By Janice Shanks    Opinion    June 7, 2017

Praise for Potter

If you're not a "local" from the Nashua community, and you've visited the Nashua cemetery for whatever reason, you may wonder or perhaps have even commented that it's a pretty lonely-looking place to be buried. No, it's not surrounded by beautiful... Full story

 By Connie Sharp    Opinion    June 7, 2017

Opposing the American Health Care Act

Many people do not know that most Montanans living with disabilities are veterans. As a caregiver, I've seen firsthand the difference the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion has made in our community when seniors and people with disabilities... Full story

 By Owen Childers    Opinion    June 7, 2017

We've Been Blessed

wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Sure we have some people that we wish would bless other communities and counties with their presence; and yes we have some individuals who like to inform God and the UN of everything that goes on that they don't a... Full story

 By Michael Burns    Opinion    June 7, 2017

Pittsburgh Not Paris

No matter what side of the aisle you come from, an open, honest and curious mind has most likely confronted the ideas of climate change. When it is described on the news as a revelational end times dilemma by Al Gore and other pundits it deserves a f...

 By Josie Bratten    Opinion    June 7, 2017

Dwelling on To-Dos

I’ve always been a rather anxious person. As a kid, my parents learned the hard way that I needed to be told the exact schedule for all family trips, or else I’d be a sobbing, cranky mess in the back of our periwinkle blue van. In high school, I...

 By Sandy Laumeyer    Opinion    June 7, 2017

Pangs of Homesickness

Moving from the wooded hills of southeast Iowa to the prairie of northeastern Montana was quite a change for me. What I missed the most was the sparsity of trees. Going down the hill of Highway 438 to join U.S. Highway 2 in October of 1968, I was...


Coal Won't Be Coming Back

I had to laugh at the site of Gianforte and Daines on horseback touring a coal mine near Colstrip. It is laughable because the Montana way of life, the outdoors or agriculture, and coal are not the best of bedfellows. The other issue with Greg...

 By Michael Burns    Opinion    May 31, 2017

Wrestling with Gianforte

It’s time to clear the air. Protocol was broken; there are rules for suplexing journalists. It must be done within the bounds of self-defense and even then it must be done using strict caution and measured judgement. Last week, on the eve of the...

 By Josie Bratten    Opinion    May 31, 2017

The Words We Sing

I first heard the song Hometown Girl, by Josh Turner, on hour 12.5 of my 14 hour drive back to college after spring break. I was inching my way through the boondocks of southern Minnesota in a freak spring snowstorm, trying not to die, and...

 By Chris Pippin    Opinion    May 31, 2017

Falling on Black Days

It’s been one week and one day. My initial shock hearing that Chris Cornell died quickly moved to terror the next day when I heard it, he had committed suicide. Suicide? My stomach reeled. Chris Cornell’s band, Soundgarden, had been a favorite...


Population Crashes (Plains Bison)

Editor’s note: The following is an excerpt from Sierra Holt’s paper, “Reinterpreting the 1882 Bison Population Collapse.” The full text was presented at the 2017 Winter Grazing Seminar in Glasgow. Great Plains species did have population...

 By Mary Honrud    Opinion    May 31, 2017

Violence is the Answer?

The night before the special election, as the news broke of Gianforte losing his temper, a friend posted a report on social media by, titled ‘Reporter decked by Montana candidate Greg Gianforte was just hauled off in an ambulance.’...


From Valley Dems:

From Valley Dems: On the heels of Gianforte's act of violence, the vandalizing of a Rob Quist sign in a private yard seems unremarkable. The sign was pulled and destroyed and left. Left as a threat? Felt like it to the homeowner. Small acts excused...


Remembering Mason Moore

It saddens me that this week we will memorialize a father, a husband and a Broadwater County Sheriff Deputy whose life was taken at far too young of an age. This being May, it is also the month of memorializing those who served and gave their lives...

 By Tess Fahlgren    Opinion    May 24, 2017

Weekend at Bernie's

On Saturday (May 20) I attended the political rally for Rob Quist with special guest Bernie Sanders in Butte, Mont. It began with two locals sharing their healthcare stories. A woman who had battled cancer three different times, is now facing loss...


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