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Letter to the Editor

The Republican Tax Plan is a total scam and will only benefit the very wealthy. It will be a huge transfer of wealth from the middle class to the upper class. Their plan makes permanent tax breaks for the wealthy and ends what little benefit there is... Full story


Two Rivers Membership

Two Rivers Economic Growth is located in Glasgow and serves as the economic engine for Valley County. We are seeking wider representation by encouraging businesses, organizations, civic leaders and individuals to join our efforts in making Valley Cou...

 By James Shipman    Opinion    December 6, 2017 

Net Neutrality, Why It Matters

The internet as we know it is in danger. Ajit Pai, chairman of the FCC and former lawyer for Verizon, seeks to end net neutrality regulations. On Dec. 14, the FCC will vote on Ajit Pai’s proposal to end rules classifying the internet as a utility.... Full story


The Little Things

Little things. A hair brush. A bottle of dishwashing liquid. A toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste. A roll of paper towels. Just a few disposable diapers. A box of facial tissues. Nothing big, but all definitely a necessity. These, along with all sor...


Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time candidate Trump said he wanted to raise taxes on the extremely wealthy, lower taxes on the middle class, and not raise the deficit. Of course the conservative base loved the idea, especially the blue collar workers who thought they...

 By Bob Siverest    Opinion    December 6, 2017 

The Round-A-Bout

Thanks to the tremendous outpouring of support in opposition to the Grass Range Round-A-Bout, your voices were heard. As a result, MDT has Ssrapped the Grass Range Round-A-Bout Project. I am very pleased, however we have more work to do. Therefore,...

 By Helen Depuydt    Opinion    December 6, 2017 

Mary, My Second Mother

Pulling the fragrant golden loaves from the oven, thoughts of long ago flooded my mind. Mary, my silver-haired neighbor, had suggested that I reserve potato water for bread making. It does lighten up the dough, and I’ve been doing it ever since....

 By Gwen Cornwell    Opinion    December 6, 2017 

Scrambling Under Your Desk

If you have listened to the news in recent days, you have no doubt heard about all of the North Korean conflict, which in turn has prompted the State of California to implement safety drills in schools. How many of you remember having similar drills...


No New Taxes is a Lie

The legislative leadership, especially Austin Knudsen, are bragging again that they imposed no new taxes on hard-working Montanans. That is a big lie. Please check your last year’s school tax on your property tax bill and compare it to this... Full story


Finding Double Yolkers

I am wondering if any of you that enjoyed deviled eggs for your Thanksgiving holiday happened to remember the days when it was not uncommon to break open an egg and find it was a “double yolker?” This is something that we hardly ever see anymore....

 By Ron Ehil    Opinion    November 29, 2017

Special Session in Rearview

The special session of the Montana Legislature is behind us – yet another thing to be thankful for in this season. Taking center stage was concern for the most vulnerable populations in Montana. What avenues should be taken to address taking care...


A Billion Nets a Fifty-Dollar Bill

If you ran a multi-state business and had just over one billion dollars in sales in Montana, I bet you would expect to pay something in Montana corporate taxes. And, indeed you would; you would have to dig deep down into your corporate pocket to...


Worrying About Your Children

I remember being asked, “When do you stop worrying about your children?” My answer was, “Never. You start worrying about them from the time you know you are going to have a baby and the worry never stops.” I know of a seven-year-old boy who w...


Trump's Coded Messages

I’m not entirely sure I should be the one to write on this topic. However, I am sure someone needs to say something about how they felt as they watched President Donald J. Trump during a ceremony at the White House Nov. 27. While honoring Navajo... Full story

 By D.K. Holm    Opinion    November 22, 2017

Thanksgiving Movies

Thanksgiving is not a time for movies. It’s a day for football. And eating. Lots of eating. And getting together with family and friends, and then maybe watching some kind of variety show on the tube late at night. Yet the few Thanksgiving movies...


Wild West Revisted

While I was attending high school in Malta, two south county ranchers were shot to death in the men’s restroom of a local saloon. The wild, wild west was not of the past; it was in the here and now! During the same time frame, a north county...


Combat the Opiate Epidemic

According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, the leading cause of accidental death in 2015 was drug overdose. The life toll from the drug epidemic has been consistently growing over the past couple of years with opiate addiction and...


Talking Tax Cuts, Inflation

When Congress cuts income taxes, they increase your inflation tax in secret. This is like taking money out of your left pocket rather than your right pocket. Either way, you pay. When it comes to taxes, ignore tax rates and focus on government...


Holiday Wishes

I think that this memory might be area specific, but do you remember when the three meals of the day were breakfast, dinner and supper? I have been made aware over the years that terminology can be very confusing. It seems the more acceptable terms...


Community Involvement Counts

The month of November is set aside for giving thanks, spending time with friends and family, and helping others. The Glasgow Police Department would like to take time this month to thank all of our local business owners and community members. There... Full story


Theatre Endowment Update

The Fort Peck Fine Arts Council, a 501c3 organization, has been dedicated to the maintenance and preservation of the beautiful Fort Peck Theatre. To accomplish this goal, an Endowment Fund was created, and professionally managed through the Montana... Full story


Letter to the Editor

I disagree with Gov. Bullock’s proposal to eliminate Medicaid funding for many adult dental and other healthcare services. Elderly, disabled, and seriously mentally ill Montanans are our most vulnerable families and neighbors. They need this care... Full story


Letter to the Editor

Friends and Neighbors, I’m asking for your help in curbing wasteful spending by the Montana Department of Transportation. MDT is once again proposing the construction of the Grass Range round-a-bout at the junction of Hwy. 200 and 87. Last spring,... Full story


Homestead Playhouse

Editor's Note: This story was originally told by Mary Ellen DePuydt to our very own Helen. Hidden in the shadows of modern farm buildings, rests a gray rotting log cabin, whispering its memories of the homestead days on the Montana prairie,...


More and More Government

As a fourth generation Montanan and 22-year District Court Judge, I believe Montana deserves better. We deserve better from our public servants. We deserve government policies that do not stifle economic growth and stagnate wages. We deserve the abil...


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