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 By Sierra Stoneberg-Holt    Opinion    September 2, 2015 

Reading into Rhetoric

I was disappointed in the Aug. 14, 2015 Great Falls Tribune article, “Restoring buffalo is an act of healing” by the National Wildlife Federation. The article claims that “[Original Americans’] lives centered on a close relationship with buff...

 Opinion    September 2, 2015 

Letters to the Editor

“Hi-Line Heart and Soul” The recent articles by James Walling and Mark Herbert raise important questions about how our way of life and our heritage will be impacted by the American Prairie Reserve’s (APR) desire to turn Montana’s Hi Line...

 By Virgil Vaupel    Opinion    September 2, 2015 

Less is More, More or Less

Thanks for listening is being brought to you this evening via wireless radio. I remember my grandmother actually using fire to cook meals. She used a wood stove and made some of the tastiest meals known to man (except when she served mutton of...

 By Sandy Laumeyer    Opinion    September 2, 2015 

Looking with Hearts

Every once in a while we are surprised at what happens in this journey called Life. Our day-to-day existence often becomes rather routine, but occasionally our lives receive a bit of a jolt to remind us how good life really can be. Several weeks ago...

 By Denise Juneau    Opinion    August 26, 2015

Attendance and Graduation Matter

Montana’s students have one of the most important jobs in the state: showing up to school each day. Students who attend class every day are more likely to succeed academically and later on in life. These students will perform better in reading and...

 By David Pippin    Opinion    August 26, 2015

Open Letter on PRMP/FEIS

Dear Governor Bullock: I, David Pippin, a lifelong resident of Valley County (political subdivision of the State of Montanan), do here by protest the “HiLine Proposed Resource Management Plan and Final Environmental Impact Statement (PRMP/FEIS)" on... Full story

 By Becky Erickson    Opinion    August 26, 2015

Fire Truck Levy

“Fire Truck Levy” To Glasgow Residents, The proposed city resolution to create a special improvement district to fund a portion of a used fire truck has raised the question of how long the levy will be in place. The intent of this levy is for...

 By Ron Stoneberg    Opinion    August 26, 2015

What's In a Name?

“What's in a Name” How did that line go? What’s in a name? A rose would smell as sweet . . . It seems MT Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) is following Shakespeare’s musings. We no longer hear about ‘wild, free-ranging’ bison. Now they are...

 By Bob Brown and Jim Elliott    Opinion    August 26, 2015

It's Time to Free Barry Beach

“It [is] more a duty [of an Attorney General] to save an innocent than to convict a guilty man.” We know we do not live in a perfect world where only the guilty are convicted and the wrongly accused go free, but prosecutors can sometimes seem...

 By Sandy Laumeyer    Opinion    August 19, 2015

Appreciating Ancestors

While watching my granddaughter vacuum the carpeting in my house not long ago, the thought struck me that she has never known any other way to clean carpets. As child of 11 years of age, I remember the carpet in my folks’ living room. It wasn’t...

 By Virgil Vaupel    Opinion    August 19, 2015

Read What I Write, Not What You Think I Write

I caught crabs while in Washington. (Oh stop that!) We went out to the Straits of Juan De Fuca in a small boat that I heartily wished was a much larger boat. I didn't have a license to catch crabs. My shipmates actually caught the crabs. About a...

 Opinion    August 19, 2015

Letters to the Editor

Editor's Note: Our correspondence is growing! Beginning next week, extended commentary and columns directed at individual readers, columnists and/or staff will be included in a separate "Commentary" section reserved for discussion. "Fire Truck...

 By Brandon Brunelle    Opinion    August 12, 2015

The Case for the Truck

The City of Glasgow has sent out a letter of intent to raise funds for a fire appliance asking property owners inside city limits to make an important decision in the coming weeks. The Glasgow City...

 By Jeff Hagener    Opinion    August 12, 2015

FWP Invites Public to Hearings on Bison Release

On Aug. 19, state wildlife officials will host a public hearing in Malta to discuss and take comment on a draft environmental impact statement for bison conservation and management in Montana. This will be the fourth meeting designed exclusively for... Full story

 By Jim Elliott    Opinion    August 12, 2015

The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

This morning, as I was doing emergency field repairs on a piece of equipment, I was cussing myself for not having taken care of the problem when I had time instead of doing it in the middle of a field in the July heat. In short, I was guilty of not...

 Opinion    August 12, 2015

Letter To The Editor

Have You Seen ‘Tarzan?’ My children and I just spent a week in Glasgow to attend a family wedding and visit old friends. We enjoyed wonderful times on the lake and many memorable evening barbecues, some of the things that make Northeast Montana...

 Opinion    August 12, 2015

Letter To The Editor

On "Horace Sense" I again notice the lack of integrity by your paper in continuing to allow people who would use false names to sign their comments. Distressing! And all because some dumas can't face up to the things HE'S written. All I can say is...

 By James Walling    Opinion    August 12, 2015

I Shot the Sheriff

My mother was in town for a visit this past weekend. Dozens of kindly area residents did what they could to help me entertain the materfamilias, for which I owe many thanks. Notable among these were Sheriff Glen Meier and Tanja Fransen of NWS...

 By Gwen Cornwell    Opinion    August 12, 2015

Rodeos of Yesterday

When you remember rodeos, just how far back does your mind go? I remember stories of some of the rodeos attended by our early-day cowboys. I heard tell of Valley County's rodeo taking place on the original fairground site. Apparently the first fairgr...

 By John LaBonty    Opinion    August 5, 2015

John LaBonty Reflects on Induction into Montana Coaches Hall of Fame

Dear Friends in Glasgow, This last Thursday, my wife and I sat on the stage on Great Falls and I was inducted into the Montana Coaches Hall of Fame. As I sat there, I thought of all the people I need to thank. I would like to thank 36 years of close... Full story

 By Heidi Pippin    Opinion    August 5, 2015

Letter To The Editor

I understand freedom of speech, but must Mr. Vaupel continually focus on minority issues he truly knows nothing about? He is picking and scratching for any issue he can bring up. National Park visits, seriously? As the parent of a minority, each...

 By James Walling    Opinion    August 5, 2015

A Fair to Remember

I know, the fair isn’t as good as it used to be. The carnival is held together with bubblegum and duct tape (or so the refrain goes around here). The vendors are dwindling. The music was better in Dodson. The rodeo wasn’t as good as the Wolf...

 By Georgie Kulczyk    Opinion    August 5, 2015

Sports, Summer Reflections

Two very important things in my life came to an end this past weekend: swim team and Reds baseball. I must admit, I'm more than a little thankful, but only because I'm tired. My son started his baseba...

 By Sandy Laumeyer    Opinion    August 5, 2015

Exhibiting Creativity

Last Saturday there was a flea market in Glasgow. As I looked around at what people had brought to sell, I was struck by the thought of how creative people can be. There were several tables with handmade jewelry. One vendor had collages she had made...

 By Virgil Vaupel    Opinion    August 5, 2015

For Me or Agin Me

I’m surprised, James, that out of the whole story, you and Ms. Honrud would nit-pick numbers as your main retort! I could have said that out of the 600 NHL players there are only 31 players listed as African-American or biracial. Let’s see...


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