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 By Gwen Cornwell    Opinion    February 10, 2016 

Sheepish Courier Memories

The picture in the Feb. 3 issue of the Glasgow Courier triggers some additional memories concerning the early day sheep and wool industry.  Many of our Western states, including Montana, grew and prospered because of sheep.  If you sit down with ar...

 By Georgie Kulczyk    Opinion    February 10, 2016 

Remembering Jesse

This week, at my request, the Glasgow Courier is honoring Chinook’s Jesse Dannels as Athlete of the Week. Jesse was killed in a motor vehicle accident on Sunday. As many of you know, when your child is involved in sports for any length of time,... Full story

 By Virgil Vaupel    Opinion    February 10, 2016 

More on Gun Control

There are thousands of rules, regulations and laws that supposedly control guns in the United States. We do not need MORE laws. We simply need to enforce the ones already on the books, leaving the stupid laws and keeping the ones that actually make...

 By Dave Pippin    Opinion    February 10, 2016 

Regarding Refugees

Along with others, I attended a rally on Feb. 1 in Missoula protesting the bringing of un-vetted refugees to Montana. I intended to write a letter to the editor but after reading this article by Leo Hohmann (a writer for, it occurred to me...

 By Barb Hansen    Opinion    February 10, 2016 

A Little Love for All of Us

Many of us applaud the Courier for the fine publicity given to the art scene in Glasgow.  It is a pleasure to bring out of town guests for a cup of coffee at the Loaded Toad and then proceed through the building to view Sean Heavey’s fine photos...

 By James Walling    Opinion    February 10, 2016 

In Praise of the Super Bowl

I wasn’t planning on writing about the Super Bowl. It seems to me that Virgil Vaupel covered the subject pretty well last week, and anyway, the game sort of speaks for itself. However, the entertainments transcended the competition so profoundly th...

 By Cathryn Sugg    Opinion    February 10, 2016 

Art Into Action

Whenever someone tells me that the most beautiful part of Montana is the Western side of the state, I’ve countered with “Well, the West does have lovely mountains, but in the East we have the most gorgeous skies.” Skies that go on for miles...

 By Virgil Vaupel    Opinion    February 3, 2016

Quality Time? I Think Not

Do you want to spend more quality time with your family? Are you sick to death with all those pharmaceutical commercials on TV? Do you scramble for the mute button every time a gorgeous female starts spouting the virtues of a certain bedroom enhancem...

 By Sandy Laumeyer    Opinion    February 3, 2016

Celebrate More

I’m celebrating. Actually my granddaughter and I are celebrating. She and I will go shopping and she will choose where we have lunch. And she is going to do all the driving. Because we are celebrating her receiving her driver’s license. When she...

 By Sean Gerrity    Opinion    February 3, 2016

In Defense of Year-Round Grazing

I appreciate this opportunity to address some apparent confusion regarding American Prairie Reserve’s request to the Bureau of Land Management concerning a potential change-of-use on our Flat Creek BLM allotment. Specifically, we asked that bison...

 By Ryan Hartwell    Opinion    February 3, 2016

Be Proud, Glasgow

LTE: My Saturday started as any other, besides the fact my daughter and I had our first practice for a 5th grade girls basketball team. While going through drills, Jon Kolstad stuck his head in the church gym door. I shouted at him to come in and he... Full story

 By Tess Fahlgren    Opinion    February 3, 2016

Seeking Common Ground

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Bundy militia takeover of a government building in Oregon. I pointed out the discrepancies between the way racial justice activists and these men have been treated by the media. Since then, 55-year-old Robert...

 By Steve Daines    Opinion    February 3, 2016

Gun Control Measures Do 'Nothing' for Victims

As a lifelong sportsman and gun owner, I’m committed to protecting law-abiding Americans’ right to keep and bear arms. And like many Montanans, I know that protecting the Second Amendment isn’t about hunting—it’s about freedom. President...

 By Sandy Laumeyer    Opinion    January 27, 2016

A Day in the Life

9:00 a.m.: A noise wakes me up. I blearily look around my bedroom and see the noise came from my cat brushing against the wind-chime in the window when she jumped up on the dresser in front of it. Crawling out from under the warm covers I take hold o...

 By Virgil Vaupel    Opinion    January 27, 2016

A General MacArthur Moment

For those of you concerned over where I have been the past couple months I must explain. To put it very simply … I was abducted by aliens from the planet Liberal 3. It is a planet 47 billion light years from Earth and is populated almost entirely...

 By Ryan Zinke    Opinion    January 27, 2016

Special Treatment for Special Interests is Not Acceptable

Montana and other Western states are blessed with some of the most expansive grasslands on earth, which are optimal for grazing cattle. East and west coast residents do not understand what it takes to care for a ranch; they do not realize the...

 By John Fahlgren    Opinion    January 27, 2016

Nothing is Impossible with 'Good Montana People'

Last Wednesday, Jan. 20, I attended Representative Ryan Zinke’s visit at the Malta High School. The subject of the meeting was BLM’s proposed approval of the American Prairie Reserve’s application to run bison yearlong on the former Holzey...

 By Gwen Cornwell    Opinion    January 27, 2016

The Impact of Train Mail

Do you remember the days before UPS and FedEx, or even before airplane mail delivery? Online shopping has become the thing, and you can have your parcel delivered to your doorstep in two days! Some of us remember when all mail came by train (no, I...

 By Greg Gianforte    Opinion    January 27, 2016

Why I'm Running

Since first falling in love with Montana 40 years ago, I knew that I wanted to make a life here. When we started our high tech company RightNow Technologies here in Montana, we had a lot of people tell us it wouldn’t work. People said, “Greg, you...

 By Mary Honrud    Opinion    January 27, 2016

Some Thoughts on Courtesy

Common courtesy, like common sense, isn't so very common. There seems to be more rudeness than there used to be. The trash talk that athletes throw at each other in sporting events seems to be invading all aspects of life. People in this country...

 By Sandy Laumeyer    Opinion    January 20, 2016

Why Does the Thought Exist?

“Did you hear about the new baby the Murphys had?” “No. Is there a problem?” “Yes. The child is retarded. What kind of life will she have?” Two people take seats at a table in a restaurant. As they look to the occupants at the table to...

 By Mary Honrud    Opinion    January 20, 2016

Candidates and Questions

Last week a friend asked me what I would write about if there were to be no repercussions. He said he’d choose politics, and confided he didn’t think very highly of the current crop of presidential hopefuls. I’m in agreement with him on that to...

 By Jim Elliott    Opinion    January 20, 2016

Forget Fact-Checking

As I read what used to be called the funny papers — which was actually the news section of a newspaper, not the comics — I continually wonder how people come up with viewpoints that are based on misinformation that is completely different than...

 By Jon Tester    Opinion    January 20, 2016

Holding the VA Accountable

Time and time again, when our nation is in need, Montanans answer the call of duty. We are all grateful for our veterans’ service to our nation, but just saying “thank you” is not enough. Vietnam veterans are entering their retirement years...

 By Michael Burns    Opinion    January 20, 2016

When State and Federal Governments Clash

“An elective despotism was not the government we fought for; but one in which the powers of government should be so divided and balanced among the several bodies of magistracy as that no one could transcend their legal limits without being...


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