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 By Virgil Vaupel    Opinion    May 25, 2016 

Attack Ads in Northeast Montana

I guess some of my liberal opposers will be saying “you’re a fine one to talk about attacking someone in print” and I suppose you’d be a little bit right but this kind of politikkin’ is something more better suited to Texas or Colorado....

 By Sandy Laumeyer    Opinion    May 25, 2016 


Graduation, a time of joy, laughter, tears. An exciting time yet a bittersweet one. Graduates are seeing the culmination of 13 years of their lives. They’ve sat in classrooms, done homework, participated in activities such as band and sports. And... Full story

 By Tess Fahlgren    Opinion    May 25, 2016 

What the Transgender Law Really Means

At this point most people have heard of the so-called “bathroom bill” passed in North Carolina. This is a law decreeing all people must use restrooms in accordance to the gender they were born into. What the public doesn’t seem to realize is... Full story

 By Gwen Cornwell    Opinion    May 25, 2016 

More on Millennials

I had been trying to come up with a “Remember” for several days now, but had drawn a blank. Then I remembered reading Parker’s article, "Grumbling About Millennials." I would like all of the millennials out there, who just might read this...

 By Kristine Bowman    Opinion    May 18, 2016

Confidence in Love

Two days before the conference, a friend asked, “Do you have any expectations?” With certainty, I immediately responded, “No! I’m just looking forward to a day where I’m removed from my responsibilities. I won’t have to worry about kids;...

 By Sandy Laumeyer    Opinion    May 18, 2016

A Little of This and That

Several days ago, as I was planting some sweet peppers, I thought about how good it felt to have my hands in the dirt. I thought how comforting it was to physically connect with the earth. While I was planting the peppers, I was also thinking about...

 By Virgil Vaupel    Opinion    May 18, 2016

Satellite Cable Dish or Antenna

My first draft of this week’s column went off into cyber space never to return. While reaching for my coffee, I accidentally hit ctrl and something else and off it went, hurtling at 1.6 million miles per hour through the universe. I tried hitting...

 Opinion    May 18, 2016

Discussing Dandelions

I was thrilled to read the Doctors’ cure for yellow jaundice in the late 1920s was dandelions. I am mortified when I see deadly chemicals being poured onto these delicious leaves. I know they can be a nuisance. Where I grew up in Pennsylvania...

 By Michael Burns    Opinion    May 18, 2016

A Few Hard Truths

A conservative is a fellow standing athwart history yelling, ’Stop!’ At least that is how patron saint of the modern conservative movement, William F. Buckley defined it. As I travel across our great district talking to voters, I often try to...

 By Casey Knudsen    Opinion    May 18, 2016

Knudsen Replies to 'Tasteless Mailer'

When I began my campaign for the Montana House of Representatives District 33, I planned on running a clean campaign, because if I have learned one thing growing up on the Hi-Line, it is that a man’s handshake is his word.  My opponent and I...

 By Gwen Cornwell    Opinion    May 18, 2016

Small Town Summers

School will soon be out and kids will soon need to be entertained. Remember when we spent the summers playing hopscotch, kick the can, some version or the other of baseball, Anti-I-Over, or tag? What about Hide and Seek. Do the young ones still do...

 By Sandy Laumeyer    Opinion    May 11, 2016

Redefining 'Elderly'

Last week, when I went to pay for some purchases in a Glasgow business, I chatted for a few moments afterwards with the clerk. And in the course of our talk, I heard something that surprised me. The lady told me she was 80 years old. I’m sure I...

 By Virgil Vaupel    Opinion    May 11, 2016

Netflix Roku

There are a lot of scams going on every day in this country and I believe I was the almost victim of one of them just the other day. I’ll tell you about this one so’s you can keep a look out for it should it come your way. It involves a company...

 By Karen Aspevig Stevenson    Opinion    May 11, 2016

An Eastern Montana View

I attended a social gathering several years ago in the Bitterroot Valley. As the hostess stood nearby, I admired the mountains framed by the tall windows in her home. “The view out my window is the most stunning in the state!” she said....

 By Russell Fagg    Opinion    May 11, 2016

Judging CPS

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is whether Child Protective Services (CPS) does a good job of deciding when to remove kids from abuse and neglect situations. As you can guess, there is a wide range of reactions to CPS decisions. On...

 By Gwen Cornwell    Opinion    May 11, 2016

Remembering Pacific

Do you remember when Glasgow did not have a Pacific [Steel & Recycling]? There may be some readers that do remember, however rumor has it that Glasgow has had a Pacific facility for over 100 years. The announcement of their closing was quite a...

 By Steve Daines    Opinion    May 4, 2016

Conrad Burns' Lasting Legacy

With the news of Conrad Burns’ passing late last week, Montanans lost a member of the family. From across the state prayers were offered for Phyllis and the Burns family and fond memories were shared. Conrad was a dedicated husband to Phyllis and...

 By Virgil Vaupel    Opinion    May 4, 2016

A Most Embarrassing Moment

It took me 73 years and 71 days but I have finally had it! I know I have mentioned this before, but it seems to have fallen on deaf eyes, especially mine, but I don’t see a tangible solution to the growing problem. Several or more of the...

 Opinion    May 4, 2016

Water Service for City of Glasgow

Dear Residents: As you have probably heard, city of Glasgow has been in the process of determining which courses of action to take in regards to the future source of Glasgow’s drinking water. As a public water provider, the city understands the... Full story

 By Parker Kulczyk    Opinion    May 4, 2016

Grumbling About Millennials

Almost every day, I see a post on Facebook of someone complaining that millennials are over-privileged and want to succeed but they don’t want to work hard for it. It is one of the most ironic things. You see all of these posts, and realize all of... Full story

 By Gwen Cornwell    Opinion    May 4, 2016

Starting With Sheep

While listening to the radio one day this week, I heard a notice regarding the date the Hi-line Wool Pool would be shipping wool. Two thoughts crossed my mind. The first being that it was really early in the year to be shipping wool, and the other...

 By Chris Pippin    Opinion    May 4, 2016

Can't We Agree to Disagree?

Looking at the bane of social media i.e. Facebook, I am bewildered on how polarized we have become. I see the posts stating so and so will leave America if Trump is elected. No they won’t. No one will. If a conservative like myself can survive...

 By Mary Honrud    Opinion    April 27, 2016

A Rebuttal

I have gone back and retread my last sewing notions column. I fail to see where I was promulgating the “Absolute Relativism” that Mr. DePuydt seems to have read into it. (He also mentions “Natural Law” being thrown out. Apparently I have grea...

 By Just a Thought    Opinion    April 27, 2016

A Little of This and That

I’ve been bitten. Bitten by the spring cleaning, gardening, yard cleaning, flower planting and painting bug. Several weeks ago, I purchased a small picnic table that has three benches. The benches are gray -- but not for long. As soon as I can,...

 By Doris Franzen    Opinion    April 27, 2016

Four Decades at the Pioneer Museum

I must have pulled a Rip Van Winkle! It is hard to realize that it has been almost 40 years since I became involved with the Pioneer Museum. It has been a wonderful experience. About 1977 or so, Irma McInerney and Gladys Silk approached me about...


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