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 By Sage Sukut    Opinion    June 22, 2016 

Make America Great Again

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year or so, you must know that Donald Trump is the Republican candidate running for the 2016 Presidential Election. Along with his running, you’ve most likely also heard of or seen his campaign...

 By Virgil Vaupel    Opinion    June 22, 2016 

EPA and Corps of Engineers Out of Control

What the hell are those two government agencies doing picking on a 77-year-old disabled Navy veteran who is just trying to live out his life in relative mountain comfort and not bother anyone? Seems as time goes by, and more and more people are...

 By Georgie Kulczyk    Opinion    June 22, 2016 

My Heart Hurts

It’s been nearly two years since I left Valley View Home. Although I initially resigned my position, I was eventually terminated. Either way, I didn’t leave willingly. I thought I had left all of the hurt and hard feelings behind. However,...

 By Sandy Laumeyer    Opinion    June 22, 2016 

On Fatherhood

It was recently brought home to me just how far something a person writes can travel. I received an email with a message in it that had been sent from a Courier subscriber in the state of Virginia that was a compliment on my column. Many, many times...

 By Ryan Zinke    Opinion    June 22, 2016 

I Never Have, and Never Will, Sell Your Public Lands

Earlier this week, the Natural Resources Committee voted on a series of bills, two of which dealt with public lands. The first piece was an outright transfer of federal lands. The second piece dealt with establishing a land management pilot program....

 By Sandy Laumeyer    Opinion    June 15, 2016

Time is Life

Time. Minutes, hours, days, weeks. Some days time goes far faster than I can and other days seem to drag on forever. We look forward to vacations, milestones in our lives, events we want to attend. In fact, we at times spend so much time looking...

 By Virgil Vaupel    Opinion    June 15, 2016

Ain't No Such Thing As Just A Few

Don’t pay the ransom! Through nearly inhuman cunning and deceitful deception, I have eluded my captors and have returned to my disheveled home intact. There were jars scattered around the county with “Help Save Virgil” labels printed on them....

 By James Walling    Opinion    June 15, 2016

Four Awards, Five Cousins

It was a good weekend in Whitefish for the Courier and an even better one for visiting dearly-missed relatives on both sides of the state for me. In the former category, Sean R. Heavey hefted three awards at the 2016 Montana Newspaper Association...

 By Gwen Cornwell    Opinion    June 15, 2016

From Bells and Squeeze Horns to GPS

The picture of the automobile featured on “Yesterday’s Memories” in the last issue of the Courier elicited a few comments from a couple of readers, which in return jogged some of my own memories. I definitely do not remember when automobiles fe...

 By Helen DePuydt    Opinion    June 15, 2016

The Midnight Rider

The husky homesteader astride his horse realized he would need to pull in for the night. A prairie snowstorm was developing. Snow was coming down fast and furious – stinging the man’s weathered face deep in the sheepskin collar. As anyone...

 By Parker Kulczyk    Opinion    June 8, 2016

Fiber in Glasgow

Most people don’t like slow internet. But I, a gamer in NE Montana (the middle of nowhere), have nightmares about slow internet. Now, people with actual work to do must feel some anger when they are inhibited or slowed by their internet speeds. At...

 By Gwen Cornwell    Opinion    June 8, 2016

Decoration Day

Last week’s holiday made me do a little research, which I don’t ordinarily do. Even with all of our present-day methods of finding answers to questions, I was unable to establish when Memorial Day expanded; becoming a day that we remember all of...

 By James Walling    Opinion    June 8, 2016

Criticism as Conversation

Some theatregoers will have noticed a review of Fort Peck Summer Theatre’s new show in the Lifestyles section of this edition (Page 8A). Fewer still may have noticed my byline. In any case, it’s official: I’ll be your theatre critic for the...

 By Sandy Laumeyer    Opinion    June 8, 2016

Beauty Surrounds Us

Last week I was on the road for four days. I covered a pretty fair sized area from Nashua to Roundup to Lewistown to Billings to Zortman and back home. Every mile I was treated to sights that could all be made into postcards. As the miles slipped awa...

 By Ron Stoneberg    Opinion    June 8, 2016

The Disconnect Between Science and Reality

I recently had the privilege of visiting with a couple of ranchers from near the Grasslands National Park (NP) in Saskatchewan, Canada. I heard the amazing story that when cattle were removed from the park, the resident wildlife also left. The declin...

 By Rose Stoneberg    Opinion    June 1, 2016

APR: Vision vs. Reality

American Serengeti. The fauna of the real Serengeti must migrate because of seasonal weather conditions. Those conditions do not exist in our more temperate climate. Also, read the fascinating 2002 Guardian article by George Monbiot (available...

 By Sean Gerrity    Opinion    June 1, 2016

APR's Plans for PN Ranch

American Prairie Reserve recently acquired the historic PN Ranch north of Winifred. Over time we look forward to making this nearly 50,000-acre property (combined private and leased public acres) available to the public for camping, fishing,...

 By Ryan Zinke    Opinion    June 1, 2016

Their Sacrifice Was Not in Vain

Since the first battles at Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775, American men and women have laid down their lives for something larger than themselves. When the first Memorial Day was celebrated in 1868, our nation remembered the nearly...

 By SSG Etherington    Opinion    June 1, 2016

Memorial Day In Hinsdale

The following is a copy of a speech given by SSG AJ Etherington to the American Legion Post 45 Memorial Day Celebration in Hinsdale. As is the case with so many who have done this before me I am overwhelmed by the daunting task of memorializing and h...

 By Virgil Vaupel    Opinion    May 25, 2016

Attack Ads in Northeast Montana

I guess some of my liberal opposers will be saying “you’re a fine one to talk about attacking someone in print” and I suppose you’d be a little bit right but this kind of politikkin’ is something more better suited to Texas or Colorado....

 By Sandy Laumeyer    Opinion    May 25, 2016


Graduation, a time of joy, laughter, tears. An exciting time yet a bittersweet one. Graduates are seeing the culmination of 13 years of their lives. They’ve sat in classrooms, done homework, participated in activities such as band and sports. And... Full story

 By Tess Fahlgren    Opinion    May 25, 2016

What the Transgender Law Really Means

At this point most people have heard of the so-called “bathroom bill” passed in North Carolina. This is a law decreeing all people must use restrooms in accordance to the gender they were born into. What the public doesn’t seem to realize is... Full story

 By Gwen Cornwell    Opinion    May 25, 2016

More on Millennials

I had been trying to come up with a “Remember” for several days now, but had drawn a blank. Then I remembered reading Parker’s article, "Grumbling About Millennials." I would like all of the millennials out there, who just might read this...

 By Kristine Bowman    Opinion    May 18, 2016

Confidence in Love

Two days before the conference, a friend asked, “Do you have any expectations?” With certainty, I immediately responded, “No! I’m just looking forward to a day where I’m removed from my responsibilities. I won’t have to worry about kids;...

 By Sandy Laumeyer    Opinion    May 18, 2016

A Little of This and That

Several days ago, as I was planting some sweet peppers, I thought about how good it felt to have my hands in the dirt. I thought how comforting it was to physically connect with the earth. While I was planting the peppers, I was also thinking about...


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