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 By Denise Juneau    Opinion    October 26, 2016 

Putting Montana First

I was in Billings recently when a young woman, Devin, told me a story that happens all too often. Devin’s daughter, Brooklyn, had cancer, and her husband routinely had to make the hard choice between working shifts at his job to put food on the... Full story

 By Andy Bixler    Opinion    October 26, 2016 

Looking into Marsy's Law

Few issues on this year’s ballot seem as innocent as Constitutional Initiative 116. The proposed amendment to the Montana Constitution would create a set of codified rights for crime victims. It also has the potential to be one of the biggest... Full story


Inspired by Teaching

My childhood is filled with wonderful memories of the teachers in Helena Public Schools who inspired me to think creatively and strive to learn more, and ultimately led me back to Montana and the Helena School District as an elementary teacher and... Full story

 By Gwen Cornwell    Opinion    October 26, 2016 

Methods of Shopping

Recent news articles concerning internet scamming of sites that a lot of online shoppers use makes me remember earlier days and methods of shopping and banking. First, I am sure that our parents and grandparents could never have visualized that we... Full story


Greg's Top Ten

When I first came to Montana more than 40 years ago, I fell in love with the natural beauty and the people. I knew, back then, that I wanted to make a life in Montana. When my wife and I founded a technology company in our home in Bozeman nearly two... Full story


Bits and Pieces

A few days ago a commercial on television was of two young boys talking. One asked, “What is that?” The reply came, “I don’t know. Google it.” It made me stop and think. When I was young and I would ask my parents what something was, they... Full story


Letter to the Editor

Responding to... I think it is only fair to point out that many Christian leaders, ordained and laity, do not support a presidential candidate who displays misogyny, uneven temperament, lack of diplomacy, inexperience in governing, adultery,... Full story

 By Ryan Zinke    Opinion    October 19, 2016

Mission-Focused for Montana

As a 23-year U.S. military Commander, I’ve always been mission-focused, and no mission is too big or too small to take on with everything I have. Whether it’s hunting terrorists in the Middle East, winterizing the house, or fighting for Montana...


Tricks and Treats

Do you remember the Halloweens of your early years? The years before you could purchase a “cool” trendy Halloween costume and had to come up with your own ideas? Some kids didn’t have a mother that was into sewing and arts and crafty stuff, so...


Dementia or Alzheimer's

You were never wanted in our lives. But you entered them anyway. You are a destroyer -- of lives, of hopes, of dreams, of peace and tranquility. Because of you, patience is put to a test, it should never have to be. Sleep sometimes is difficult to...


Worry Free Living is Closer Than You Think

Yoga has been attributed to giving people better bodies, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. As owner of the Yoga Wellness Center, I am both a teacher and a student. I continually study multiple areas that lead to health and wellness. This...


Letters to the Editor

On Sowing Notions I get the Glasgow Courier here in Casper, and I read your “Green Spaces in Rural Places” faithfully. I tried your pie crust (that didn’t need to be rolled out) made in the first apple pie recipe with crumb topping. It turned...


Sentencing and Victims Resources

The statewide, national and international press coverage of the Martin Blake case over the last week has generated a lot of interest in the current state of our judiciary and victims advocacy resources here in Valley County. We embrace this added... Full story


On Marriage

Last week my husband and I celebrated our 48th anniversary. I remember thinking years ago that anyone who had been married 50 years was amazing. Now I hear about couples who have been married not only 50 years but 60 or 70, even 80 years. My husband...


Why Not Indigenous Peoples' Day?

I am shocked at the hesitation people feel when confronted by the idea of Indigenous Peoples' Day. Ignoring the basic corruptions of the Spanish conquest, Columbus wasn’t an explorer as much as he was a merchant captain attempting to shorten his...


A Flood of Remembrances

Living on the Milk River bottom all my life, something you learn to expect and accept as part of life are the floods. I don’t think you ever really get used to them, as each presents a different challenge. I have memories back to grade school days...


Baby Pictures and Boxes

Do you remember when all baby portraits, boy or girl, were taken with the child wearing a dress? Of course that was the day before colored photographs, but I have often wondered if those garments were colored or white. My thought is that the dress...


Listen to the Quiet: Part 6

What are the memories that warm the heart after the years have swept past? Is it not the simple things? . . . and so it is with the Kientz family. Fifty years ago, the town of Shelby, Mont., was rolling out the red carpet in preparation for the...


Twixt the Devil and the Sea

It’s getting on to election time. Are you ready? Have you heard enough about the candidates for the next POTUS? Do you believe most of the trash both candidates are talking? Is the Trump fortune enough to sway your good judgment to his side? Is the... Full story


Fall Memories

Several weeks ago we took a trip to Boulder to visit my husband’s brother for a few days. As we drove along, I noticed quite a few cottonwood trees whose leaves were turning yellow. On a day trip to Butte, I saw a few places in the mountains where... Full story


What We Bring to the Fight

Valley County is a large county, over 3 million acres with nearly half of that being BLM, CMR, Corps of Engineers, and State of Montana lands. The policies and plans of these agencies can have either positive or negative effects on our economy and... Full story


Listen to the Quiet: Part 5

The Kienitz family now numbered four: Otto, Lizzie and their two lively daughters, blond Leona, nicknamed “Toots,” and the dark-haired Luella, who is known as “Babe.” The members of this family were closely knit and have remained so over the... Full story


Counting Kaepernick

The furor over Colin Kaepernick’s “lack of respect” has not died down. Other famous people are blasting his actions. Mike Ditka has now declared that he believes if “they don’t like this country” they should “get the hell out.” He...


The Debate: Round One

Yikes, folks I haven’t heard so many unanswered questions, so much evasiveness and so many half truths and outright lies since my last face-to-face with my managing editor. The first lie was uttered by Hillary when she told Donald something like...


Still Undecided

In watching the debate on Monday night I was dismayed by the spectacle. “Is there really a choice?” I asked myself cynically. I felt as though I was watching a deranged and unabashed clown try to entertain the stiff, stuck up, and literal kid in...


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