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 By Jim Elliott    Opinion    January 20, 2016

Forget Fact-Checking

As I read what used to be called the funny papers — which was actually the news section of a newspaper, not the comics — I continually wonder how people come up with viewpoints that are based on misinformation that is completely different than...

 By Jim Elliott    Opinion    January 6, 2016

Time Flies

This is the time of year when we start thinking about—well—time. If you are reading this you are wondering why time passes so quickly. Many of those who are not reading this—because they haven’t learned how to read yet—are wondering why it...

 By Jim Elliott    Opinion    December 16, 2015

The Soul of a Community

The Soul of a Community The Post Office in my mother’s hometown of Barlow, N.D., closed in 1965. I know this because when I visited tiny Barlow in 1972 to see if there was anyone still there who knew my mother (she left Barlow for good in 1917...

 By Jim Elliott    Opinion    November 25, 2015

Pop Says, 'God Bless America'

We are a nation of immigrants who despise immigrants. Syrians and Middle East refugees are just the most recent of the indigestible bits in the melting pot that we are so fond of claiming as our great distinction among nations. And Hispanics, like...

 By Jim Elliott    Opinion    November 18, 2015

Confused about Health Insurance?

In addition to Medicare I have a very generous employer’s retiree healthcare insurance policy which covers virtually any condition or procedure I can imagine needing. Of course, to enjoy this generous plan I also pay a generous premium, so, this...

 By Jim Elliott    Opinion    November 4, 2015

No National I.D., Thanks

Recently the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) granted Montana an extension of time to conform to the “REAL ID” law passed by Congress in 2005. In a nutshell the REAL ID law demanded that state driver license and identification cards conform...

 By Jim Elliott    Opinion    October 14, 2015

There Never Was an Ideal Time

When I was young, I used to get around by hitchhiking, whether a few miles into town to work or across the entire country and up and down both coasts. It was not the most convenient way to travel, but it was certainly the cheapest, and I, like most...

 By Bob Brown and Jim Elliott    Opinion    August 26, 2015

It's Time to Free Barry Beach

“It [is] more a duty [of an Attorney General] to save an innocent than to convict a guilty man.” We know we do not live in a perfect world where only the guilty are convicted and the wrongly accused go free, but prosecutors can sometimes seem...

 By Jim Elliott    Opinion    August 12, 2015

The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

This morning, as I was doing emergency field repairs on a piece of equipment, I was cussing myself for not having taken care of the problem when I had time instead of doing it in the middle of a field in the July heat. In short, I was guilty of not...

 By Jim Elliott    Opinion    November 26, 2014

Democratic Demolition Derby

Democrats have had big losses across America this past election, and they are once again puzzled and confused because they believe that “people are voting against their own self interests.” Is it possible that Democrats themselves are not very...

 By Jim Elliot    Opinion    September 17, 2014

Paid In America

Walgreens, America’s largest drug store chain, says they are leaving the United States because our tax rate is too high. It must really be killing them, but it’s hard to know because last year they upped their CEO compensation by 13 percent, had...

 By Jim Elliot    Opinion    August 27, 2014

A Holiday Brought To You By Hard Working People

If national holidays have anything in common it’s that those of us who celebrate them by taking the day off don’t give much thought to the origin or meaning of the holiday. That’s true of secular holidays (never mind Religious holidays) from...

 By Jim Elliot    Opinion    July 16, 2014

The Great American Dream

A few years back I was in an old working class neighborhood of Great Falls, walking down tree-lined avenues that must have been something a few years back. But now the houses needed paint and lots of other things besides. Most of the residents... Full story

 By Jim Elliot    Opinion    June 4, 2014

Ownership Of America's Lands Belongs Where It Is

When you have hunted, hiked, worked, and snowmobiled – you name it – on Forest Service land for decades you can begin to feel as if you had an entitlement to that land. Call it the right of possession by proximity and use; but because no one...